Carrier oils thickest to thinest


Well I’m learning more about brewing and thought I would get this fourm moving

castor - 297.0 thickest
crambe - 53.6
high oleic safflower - 41.2
peanut - 39.6
sunflower - 37.1
grapeseed - 37.0
sesame - 35.3
corn - 34.9
cottonseed - 33.5
soybean - 32.6
safflower - 31.3 thinnest


I know MCT is thin and mig840 being the most thin I’d sssume. That stuff is like pinning water.


I agree been using a MCT/coconut oil mix it’s nice


The primo from bm pharmaceuticals is in 100% eo and its really easy and smooth zero pip especially when I heat it which has been since I got my wax warmer.
I have used mct its also a great carrier and I believe that I have used mig because I believe that is what Geneza pharma secret was for all these years.
There carrier definitely wasn’t gso like they claimed in certain products that have a tendency to crash.


Been thinking of testing the waters with homebrewing what do you do to keep quality control? Or better phrased if your new how did you no you didn’t screw up?


Im not interested in homebrewing but I am interested in the comments that will follow your question.This will be very interesting and educational I am very sure of that!


MCT best


MCT hands down. Be careful if you are not 100% sterile you can get a nasty infection that can be extremely serious. I don’t think it’s worth buying Raws and brewing. That’s a serious criminal offense. Between the infection and legal risks you better off sticking to sponsors. I brewed some killer Tren and had no issues but I was stupid and young.


@GlycogenGuy how is mct more prone to infection than let’s say grapeseed?or cottonseed? Or am I reading your comment wrong?


No I’m saying that I have refer MCT. But brewing in general requires a sterile environment that’s all. All carries are equally prone in an unsterile environment. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.