Can't buy bitcoin anymore. Any suggestions?


Ok so my bank isn’t allowing bitcoin purchases anymore. Used mycelium and my SunTrust bank card in the past with no issues but now it’s not authorizing the transaction. Any recommendations?


I use Suntrust just call them and they will release it. If you don’t call they will freeze your debit card that you used.


@PHD, Awesome news brother. I’ll call them 1st thing in the morning. Thanks.


You could always purchase deposit some cash and purchase prepaid cards, then use those cards to purchase the currency.


Also, if you can’t go through the bank or you just don’t want to anymore, you can always take out the funds from your account and use a bitcoin ATM to make the transaction.


Why doesn’t anyone just use Mycelium local trader and meet someone in person and exchange cash locally?


For me it’s trust


No bitcoin ATM in my area. It’s really all about about convenience for me. If I can do it all from my phone within a few minutes why not.
Next best thing would be MG, which I hate.


That’ll be my next step if I can’t get my bank to play ball.


Too many dishonest shitheads out there buddy. Going to meet a stranger with a pocketful of cash isn’t so good for your health anymore. Sure, I can take care of myself pretty good but why put myself in that potential situation.


I’ve never had an issue. Occasionally if high dollar amounts just meet at an airport or police station. Never had anyone try to scam me or do anything. And I sell via the app too. Nearly 100 transactions so far.


Ok. Problem solved, they lifted a block but still couldn’t get the transaction to go through. Instead I went through Glidera. Transaction looks like it’s going to go through np. Much easier too btw. Thanks all for the input.


Yeah honestly just always meet in a populated area inside of a bank, airport, anywhere with armed security.
I would just carry a weapon but your not doing anything wrong its not drugs so you can meet up and exchange anywhere without issues.
I actually meet my guy at applebees he loves the bar and I don’t drink but he is a funny ass dread. Once you find a solid guy who you feel comfortable with your good.
I can definitely understand wanting to do it the most convenient way possible also.

Good luck brother hit me up anytime if you have any questions


I have never done anything shady or had 5kg of powder sent to my address and for a couple years I can’t use WU, MG, wall 2 wal…someone mentioned once your “flagged at an address it follows to others”? I found someone on local bitcoins but gone. As inconvenient the ATM is, it seems the best. When trengod or bigmurph mentioned a year or so ago about " hot packs" (I hope I’m getting it right) the package gets “lost or seized” with no letter so no resend. I’m getting more clueless everyday.


A hotpack happens when a src wants to or really anyone wants to set you up they will just send a package filled with drugs and call in a tip you just take the package thinking that the wife ordered something from Amazon and boom once you walk inside or once you sign for it at the door its all over.

Its a fucked up pussy way for someone to fuck you over


Something went wrong to little ol me in 2015…