a verified src at ugm


I would like to announce that we have a new dedicated sponsor. There name is and they are a Canadian source.
I would like to have everyone welcome them to UGM. Im impressed with them so if anyone out there lives in Canada. I would say contacting @CanadianMadeLabs would be a great choice.
Welcome to UGM CanadianMadeLabs .com

Canadian UGM Members - Why order with Canadian Made Labs?
Canadian Verified Source CANABOLICS Monthly Promos
Monthly Promos and Discount Codes - September
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Welcome !!!






Welcome guys. Are you only Canadian domestic?


Per their website they only ship within Canada.


@CanadianMadeLabs Welcome.


Look at you being all resourceful.


That was really funny. Busted my sides laughing.




Hey guys appreciate the welcome. Thanks a lot to @Bigmurph and @TrenGod for helping add and verify Canadian Made Labs for anyone wanting to shop domestic. We carry pharmaceutical grade injectable steroids, orals, HGH, fat burners and more with the following brands:

Dynamic Pharmaceuticals, Genetix Pharmaceuticals, Alpha Pharm, and Fusion Labs.

We make every effort to maintain professional and personal integrity in every aspect of production. We aim to distribute only the purest and most reliable products for you to get maximum results.

Feel free to email us directly at [email protected] for any questions / orders and to get our full price list.


i chuckled pretty good at that one as well :rofl:


welcome to UGM! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Welcome to a great board.


Welcome…didn’t Trump put tariffs on Canadian Gear? Kinda, steel , people and just test and tren all esters. Anavar and the other orals didn’t pass the house.


Welcome to UGMuscle family! Best site all time :clap:t2::raised_hands:t2::metal:t2:


Thanks guys, it’s a great forum for sure :slight_smile:


welcome to join UG family


Hey everyone, to better serve our Canadian members we are offering various promos for all of September starting off with our most popular products, the TEST E, TEST CYP and TREN A stack. This offer is valid until September 17, 2018 .

30% OFF SALE ALL WEEK - Dynamic Pharmaceuticals

Test Enanthate 250 mg
Test Cypionate 250 mg
Tren A 100 mg

For the prices please visit or email us directly at [email protected] .

Have a great week!!


We’ve had some inquiries about why we ship within Canada only, and we encourage Canadian members to order domestic because there is little to no risk of seizures this way. All mail and packages shipped within Canada do not go through customs, therefore domestic mail cannot be seized. By federal law, domestic mail and packages can only be opened by the receiver.

We’re known for our fast processing and turnaround time, everything is shipped on the same day or the day after confirming your order - and delivery takes 2-3 business days anywhere in Canada.