Books Worth a Read- PDF Downloads


I know these are really out dated, but i wanted to throw up some links to some books that are worth a read. Three of the four are from Dan Duchaine who we can all agree on was a major pioneer in what goes on in the bodybuilding sport today. Many people have mixed feelings about him but he was a very smart man and has a lot of useful information in his publications. Hope these find a way to help someone out. Enjoy!

-Underground Steroid Handbook 2

-Dan Duchaine - Dirty Dieting Newsletter … letter.pdf

-Bodyopus by Dan Duchaine … to,-74,542
(This one is rotated sideways, so click the rotate icon in the upper right of the screen for easier viewing)

-Building The Perfect Beast featuring Frank N. Steroid by Author L. Rea


I downloaded and read the first seven chapters of USH II tonight. It’s such an interesting read - Thank you!


You’re very welcome my man! Enjoy it, that’s a great read that’s packed with info from cover to cover.


Thanks bro def gonna read all this info from legends in the field!