Bold Cyp - Never Pinning Again


Call me a pissy if you want, but I pinned some bold cyp for he firsts time Monday and am going on my third day of the worst pip I’ve ever felt. Even worse than injectable winny. This is some old school stuff, so I’m sure people have found a way to not make it bad. I know I ran bold ace in mig without an issue, unless cyp is worse.

I was told the pip was harsh but man I was not prepared. Supposed to pin again tomorrow but I dont think I have the balls. Had to skip my leg workout and will have to tomorrow too unless I wake up better.

Guess my cycle is down to test, mast, Provi, var and winny for last 5 weeks lol


cant you add some carrier oil like peanut or something to it?


I don’t have any


That’s sucks, but maybe take the approach of everything happens for a reason… and now that the bold is gone your on exactly what I’m running


Haha one way to think about it :joy:


Yeah but it’s easier to say it to someone then it is when I try and tell myself that


Haha exactly how I feel