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With my last job I travelled a lot so while on my long drives to and fro I got into listening to Podcasts.
Bodybuilding Nerds: its a decent show but the one host Vijay gets a lil annoying in some episodes but overall a decent listen.
Advices Radio Network by Scott McNally: I enjoy all of these shows except for Strength Depositions. On the Advices Radio you have Blood, Sweat, and Gear(a very informative show that’s geared towards, well, gear. Muscle Minds, another great one with host Dr. Scott Stevenson who is a mastermind and takes everything to the next level, and then there’s Clinic Muscle, again with Vijay from Bodybuilding Nerds but this one I can actually stand him on lol
Super Human Radio: Just started listening to this one a few weeks ago and its pretty good. The BluePrint Power Hour has the most training and gear related topics and seems to be pretty informative.
Gear’d Up with Adam McVay: One of my favorites and I’ve listened to literally every episode. Adam is the type of host that is no holds barred and tells it how it is. Very easy and actually fun to listen to.
Muscle Expert with Ben Pakulski: very scientific and in depth in his subjects.
Beast Fitness Radio: pretty decent show, just started listening to this one a week ago but theres some pretty good training, gear, and sarms related topics.
These are the Podcasts that I’ve found to be pretty informative and decent to listen to. There’s a few others that I’ve found that are so so, like The Anabolic Cartel, and then if you want a decent laugh and hear things from a doctors perspective, Testosterone Reality Radio has a total of 13 episodes and the interview with Boston Loyd is worth listening to and getting a laugh over the doc having a fit over some of his protocols.
If you haven’t listened to any of these than I hope I’ve turned a few of you on to something that may be very informative for you. For those of you that may listen to these or others, let me hear your thoughts and suggestions.


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Here’s a few more that are worth checking out:

Project Bodybuilding - The older version of Advices Radio. Very good episodes with tons of listener questions and bodybuilder interviews.
Evolutionary Radio - Bodybuilding info and interviews.
Prep Radio - Havent listened to a lot of these but seem very informative. And if you dig the UK style accents, you will love this one lol
Silky Science - Ran across this one while looking for info on glucose disposal agents. Hosted by the VP and CEO of REDCON1, these two cover everything about the science of supplements, the business and industry of supplements, formula breakdowns, etc. Definitely worth listening to.
Heavy Muscle Radio - How could I leave this one out?! Hosted by none other than Dave Polumbo and Chris Aceto. The TRUTH in Bodybuilding! What a show and I highly suggest checking this one out!


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