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I don’t get all the jug handles there lol


It’s all good buddy I think 90% of americans have the same view. I hunt and fish a lot so I get to see the beautiful parts of the state. Brooklyn best pizza in the WORLD


Used to be many more now we have more Jugheads


I heard jersey has a long hunting season, early bow opens early September and goes til last day in January and the baglimit is high


You can hunt till February. There are some zones with unlimited antlerless thrn you have some zones where they call it earn a buck. So you must shoot a doe first. We have so many that that’s how they control the population. I also go by moly brother in western Kentucky 10000 private farm acres. Soy corn alfalfa winter wheat. MONSTERS!


Yes jersey has a lot, but they also just dropped bag limits in my dads zone he says he doesn’t see as much deer as he use to but he said somebody is killing something if the state dropped some of its zones bag limits


No the fish and game were putting sterilization foods out to lessen mating I was told. Something like that.


I hunt zones 1,4,5 northwest nj


That’s interesting, I am gonna do research on it


In south NJ you the pine barrens huge deer because of the lack of hunting but it’s a tough hunt. Swampy and thick. That’s were a lot of our cranberries come from. Central NJ has probably the best hunting land. Hunterdon County


Where I come from we have REAL monsters roaming our timber.

800+lbs Roosevelt


Damn SemperFi that’s a nice Elk. Great eating


It is GC. I shared this with @John before. I stuck him at 12 yards! I called him in to almost sitting on my lap. :wink:

See the bright tips… that means his spends a lot of time in deep dark holes in heavy timber.


Awesome! Let’s do a UG hunt. How cool would that be


Way uncool… I ain’t taking any of you douchebags hunting with me! ;):rofl:

Seriously though it would make a great thread. Make one up for members to share this years take. I will pin it in the category until the end of the seasons.


Let me post one that was taken next my brothers Kentucky property


EDITED for security.



you need to edit your picture bro… ASAP


What happened. Did it have the kids name? I thought I cropped that out.