Body Transformation Bodybuilding Competition Contest


Hey UGM fam something big is in the works for Titan training. Be on the lookout for this announcement I promise you don’t want to miss out on this!!


Everyone should really pay attention to this

Contest - Bodybuilding Competition Body Transformation

Look forward to hearing what’s happening


You and your wife will definitely want to be apart of this


Let us know when your ready to drop the news…
We are in the process of moving this week and weekend so we look forward to joining as soon as we’re done! MOVING SUCKS btw


I just moved myself its the worst lol


It is @Bigmurph, and we are only moving temporarily, we are looking to buy a new home or build a new home so it’s move here move here move here, if banks were quick and easy we’d be done moving
Everybody wants a contract when you don’t want a contract


Im waiting on the same thing basically finding a house to buy. At the same time dealing with renting which also sucks


That’s what we are stuck doing… renting. I feel like renting is just pissing money into the wind, I’m paying somebody else’s mortgage and probably there second house too


What exactly is it!?


We were going to purchase the home we are in now but the owner broke the contract… no biggy though because it saved us from dumping more money into it … roof is bad and leaking, mold in walls, electrical needs replacing, ac unit not the correct size, etc… as much as moving and renting sucks it’s ok cause id rather have a house in pristine condition or brand new!!


I definitely will. This is being put on by someone else. I will wait for him to announce it but I promise all ug fam will love it


Let’s keep this on topic gang. I am excited what @PHD is planning and we don’t need to muck up my excitement. Peace, love, oral sex and all things nice. :flushed:


I will wait for this person to announce it. This was his idea and everyone will Love if. I’d say next week he will officially announce it.


Leave it to @Bigmurph lol


Ok @PHD im gonna just throw it out there… I get a group discount right? I mean if @SemperFi gets a senior citizen tag/discount/badge , I should be allowed a family discount… @mommie2008 add your opinion!


I’ve already given a huge discount I normally charge $250 a month. Let me think on it. A lot goes into my plans they just aren’t thrown together.


II have the pleasure of participating in the planning stages of what is to come. Everyone involved at UGM will benefit. Titan Training services provided by @PHD is the foundation that everything will be built on.

Everyone involved in the planning agree that no service provider should sacrifice too much, no member should submit an entry without a commitment to a minimal investment and most importantly a prize package worth everyone’s time.

It is a winning situation for everyone involved including every UGM member who follows the progress of the event from beginning to the end.

Get excited and be patient with us as we put together a contest that we feel is the best possible offering that we can put together for the UGM community for 2019.

@PHD @TrenGod @Bigmurph


Everyone is going to love what @SemperFi has been diligently working on for everyone here. I’m excited because truly it is set up as a win win for all UG family.


Killing us with excitement @SemperFi @PHD LOL!!


We all are going out of our way to put together a competition that will allow one lucky winner access to all the tools necessary to reach their goal for 2019. The only thing you will have to add is… You!