Body Builder Leroy Colbert passed away?


So I stumbled upon some sad news about one of my bodybuilding icons, Leroy Colbert, that he passed away Nov, 20, 2015 recently…But, when I tried to find news about it for more details. Googled it, found nothing else. What I found instead, was videos on youtube, saying he was still in the hospital on Nov 27th. Another video explained that he passed away as stated, on Nov 20th. What the hell?

Again, we know we shouldn’t rely just on one source, such as youtube for such news. So that’s when I googled for info about his death for a follow up. Found nothing. Can anyone else find info about it to validate it? Because it’s December 2nd now, and still not even the slightest news about him on anything, but only youtube. Thoughts?

Even his website doesn’t mention anything about it!