Bm pharma primobolan roidtest


I got around to testing the primo made by bm pharmaceuticals. Its the cheapest primo on the market that I have found so I was skeptical at times about it. I already used 10wks at 500mg and was happy with the results. I definitely wanted to check that it was legitimate though.
It did test positive for methenolone enanthate I really wish you could tell the strength also.
Im not sure if it makes a difference how fast the reaction happens but I have tested another lab in the past and it took much longer for the D amp to change to the light brown color

Its not very clear in the pictures but it matched up perfectly with the light brown and then turned purple over time.


Nice!! I know nothing about those tests. At least you know it’s the right compound.


I don’t know shit either, and nice table by the way


Thats actually a platter that when im running a cycle its very convenient to hold the vials amps pins and syringes.
I also put all my supplement caps and my alchol pads even bandaids. I got it at the dollar store. Its very convenient to be able to pick it up and go inj without having to carry stuff all over the house.
If im inj shoulder I will just shoot right in the bathroom. But when I inj my legs I have to tote all the gear to my bedroom. This tray has probably saved me from breaking a couple of vials.
I know other guys that use a tackle box and some just have a diabetic pouch bag that they use to get everything moved around safely


Ha ha ok jokes on me for busting your chops, good idea thought, I have a small black plastic box n do mine in kitchen if it’s just me and the woman home, but if kids around I do bathroom, I need to get a wax warmer like you did cause I heat everything up in the kitchen but when her kids around I gotta tell her to go do something ya know


The wax warmer is a great tool to have im so happy that I invested in it. I haven’t had any pip at all since I started using it. I sometimes have to think where I inj last because I can’t just feel where I pinned last anymore. I would have never thought a 20$ wax warmer would be such a big help.


Am always travelling , sometimes lots of people around me…i work with people 24/7, so am very careful to maintain my privacy. I have this plastic cases that i always carry with me.
My brother Bigmurph: i would like to hear more about the warmer and how do you use it, please


So the wax warmer I just plug it in crank it up to full blast and I allow the oil to get hot but not hot enough to burn.
I put a small amount of water into the warmer and it will get a 50ml vial jot enough in 5 min. You could probably even let it sit for a shorter period if using a smaller vial like a normal 10ml or even the amps I use it really only takes a minute.
Since I bought mine I have learned about something called a candle warmer. Its a pad that others use instead of the wax warmer. I believe that the wax warmer is better only because I can use the water to transfer the heat instead of just dry heating the vial or amp.
Its really a great tool especially if you have to inj alot of oil I feel that the oil is even absorbed by the body faster when its hot. Thats just my opinion because I don’t have any scientific research to back that up.
If you have any questions about it that I didn’t answer let me know


Since you mentioned it I started using my wife’s. I just put the vial directly inside with no water. Within minutes its ready. That was a smart move Bigmurph.


Its a really good tool that is not expensive at all.
Glad to hear its working for you also

Check this out


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This is my bloodwork from dec 4th. The only thing im taking is Bm testoviron.


Im sorry brother I can’t read the paperwork how did it turn out?
I loved the bm testoviron