Bloodwork how come no one posts?


I have created a blood work category months ago and now one has ever posted any blood work. I was hoping that some members even srcs could post some test results whether it’s blood ,Hplc ,mass spectrometry anything . Even if its old blood work im interested in seeing results that can show a pattern of reliability from srcs or a certain lab.



Good question


I’m going to create a contest or award program to get blood work posted. I’m thinking that every sheet of blood work that shows a srcs gear will get a free vial. It’s not guaranteed yet but im working on it

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Not a bad idea


I ll see what I can do to get some posts up


Would love to see Kodiak Queen have their own source category I’m sure there’ll be plenty of blood work posted in there hint hint




Here’s my end of cycle bloods after running 12 weeks of dhb @ 510, Test e 300 @ 600, anavar first 3 or so @ 50, var last 69 @ 50, and npp last 6 @ 420. Cholesterol is off as I knew it would be. That will come down now as I switch to cruise. Alt/ast are perfect - I run liv52, NAC, and Tudca (when on an oral). Bloods were pulled 48 hours after a split pin of 300.

The test I was running was old supply and not from anyone on here. The number is fine. Looks to be underdosed slightly more like its 250mg vs 300 I’d say. My numbers look like I’m more on 500 vs 600. Not bad tho I’ll take it.

Just wanted to post up so people could see some bloods and how gear effects you. ALWAYS GET BLOODS. I’m pretty happy win how in range almost all my stuff is after a 12 weeker with multiple compounds. Ready to cruise and prepare for my cut.


Those are all right numbers for 300 mg a week of test thanks for posting Blood Brother


No it was 600 lol split 300/300. Hat would be hella high for 300mg a week haha. They look spot on for about 500mg which makes me think my test e300 was actually 250. But I’ll take those numbers not upset.


Yeah im a dumbass again I didn’t even see the 2 and was trying to be nice I thought you were only reading 800 at 300mgs. Lol
I need to get my eyes checked.
Thanks for the post and making me feel dumb lol :grin:


Haha welcome but not about he dumb part :slight_smile:


Highest ive had is 15000 ng/dl on 2500mg a week


Thats a big number


How did you feel on that level? lol


Honestly it was really hard to manage the estrogen


Yea , that’s when letro comes to play. How long were you runnin that high?


6 weeks. Doubled dose after first 6


I ve seen numbers in the 7ks … with hematocrit levels off the charts too… no real good reason for it as the system cannot process that amount of test even with running HGH …