Blood work results upload and testosterone labs


Paul Mitchell…or Dejoria had a documentary about that view. I always felt the same way. If your lucky enough and talented enough to have success or " a pile" give it away and it will grow. Many different ways to practice this. You keep only what you freely give away. Another nugget.


Def agree woth your there my man


And one of the most side unfriendly bands at the concert.


Omg yessss! By far one of the worse user friendly drugs ever created bro!!!


MENT is much friendlier and on paper puts tren to shame. I enjoyed it the times I used it.


Just donating! I tried responding back earlier but was at an air show. I have it scheduled for Tuesday with the red cross


I haven’t seen trestolone from my source, maybe I’ll look into it in the future, I seem to be doing ok with where I’m at. But who knows after the blood donations and another round of lab work, your guys advice will help change things up for me