Blood work results upload and testosterone labs


Where would I upload pictures of my blood work results?


This works.


@Fitraver what works? Do I upload my blood work in my intro or is there a specific area to upload it too?


Just upload it here. We’re you on gear or what is your reason for uploading?


On gear for 3 weeks


I got the blood work done for the test levels but cant get the results until my doctor comes back on Monday… Ill post those as soon as they come in!

@TrenGod maybe you can give some advice on these bloods ive posted?


posting them just to see if I can get opinions if im on track!


Your cholesterol and liver values are high. Are you on liver support?


Not yet, my wife wants to do a liver detox with some natural ingredients


Some of the most effective ones are LIV52, and Tudca combined with NAC.


Liv52, NAC get on those. Not a liver detox.


I see these on a few sites… would you like to recommend one? @SemperFi @Fitraver


I personally use Tudca and NAC


AmaZon has several.


Did you go through the Ed? Looks like you went to the emergency dept. first, then your PCP. Drink a lot of water/fluids. Dont have to say but you have seasonal allergies or asthma, maybe “common cold or flu symptoms”


These were orders my primary originally ordered and I held off for awhile…I got into an accident at work and they sent me to the hospital… long story but then I did follow up again a few days later because my primary put orders in for another comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid panel… once I went back for my results I requested another blood draw for the testosterone panels, so this all kinda worked in my favor over an accident!:grinning:


I see…I was wondering why the tests were ordered…what were they looking for? But just standard then.


Are you on prescribed trt or why do you want your docs knowing your test levels when you’re on gear?


Well to be honest with you… it was because I was honest with my doctor!


That’s good! As long as he’s cool.