Blood work for hgh?


These guys have more testing than any other hgh product on the market that’s why yes I begged them to join

If you need links to testing on other sites just pm me and I will show them all to you


I believe he’s talking about the blood work the 5 members were supposed to get that we haven’t seen yet.


Yup… definitely would like to see results on those 5 members, but also any results would be much appreciated. I seen the results @TrenGod posted and those were really nice numbers like he stated.


I have seen trengod post his.
Phd said that he is about to start running again so im sure that there coming soon.
Im about to get really pissed and I don’t normally get pissed I would have gladly taken a kit and just run igf results.
So those that haven’t run the test on the free kit need to.
I need to know more about what happened with @Stirms getting sent back to sender.

Everyone has to understand I didn’t participate because I wanted members to get a chance at this. Please do the write thing and just get the test run the hgh for 5 days and then get the test that’s all it takes.


Im not going to lie I didn’t get a kit because I wanted the members to get the chance to get free HGH and I never get anything free.
Then the members can’t keep there end of the bargain im pissed im going to order a kit and test just to show that its bs to get a free kit and not spend the money on the test


Sorry if I got you upset brotha… That wasn’t my intention at all


I was wondering the same. I’m not mad but I would like to know more about the quality.


You didn’t upset me.
No one really upset me I should have said severely disappointed me because I get sponsors to take good care of the members here and they asked for something so simple in return that you can do through the mail. The fact that only one person has gone through with it upsets me very much and really disappoints me because I won’t be able to ask sponsors to do cool shit like this anymore


just got my blood work done yesterday. Checking igf levels and gh serum levels or what ever it’s xalled. I had to pay quite a bit out of pocket for that. Test levels being tested also as well as full panel. As soon as I get results I’ll share


Niiiice. Those fullnones with everything are expensive as hell. It’s nice the 2 a year I get my insurance to cover for my doc. Wish I could get them all covered all year lol


Thanks brother I new that you were getting it done soon


The home tests are alot cheaper I shouldn’t say alot but you can save money and not have to leave the house


Message me because the test cost more than a kit does


Thanks brotha looking forward to it


The ones I had seen you post weren’t cheaper unless there’s different ones. Or if they were cheaper it wasn’t much at all and I’d just trust the boood tests more.


Honestly guys I don’t know what is the price for tests in your country, just fyi here (where I live) it costs 5-7x less (GH serum+IGF) than 1 hgh kit.
For me there is no problem to send 1 more kit for free with the next order for testers (if you will buy)


I don’t understand the @members @Bigmurph, like why are you not just sayin their names, cause it isn’t all members, it’s specific ones??? And while I didn’t participate I appreciate you not participating so another member could.


I didn’t want to call out certain members but I also wanted all members to know that if the members who participate don’t do the little thing that the sponsor asks for then no sponsor will give away free stuff.
I had a sponsor give away some free gear through pm and 3 members didn’t post the pictures that he asked. He asked them to just post pictures on arrival and then keep a small log nothing to detailed then write an honest review.
Not one of the 3 members posted a picture upon arrival. Not one kept a log of any kind.
I just want to keep members getting free gear. We even put a rule in place but we do want the sponsors to give free gear to the community we just would like a log or pay for shipping atleast an honest review and pictures upon arrival something you know?

To fully explain the @ members it was because I didn’t want to have to go back and find out who got them. Me just being lazy and having alot of work to do today.
Im trying to get 5 more sponsors verified and verification of a sponsor takes along time to do.
Sorry John


I understand what you mean, and the position it puts you in. So “members” you guys are turds, and should stop bein cheapass motherfuckers for free shit and hold up your end of the bargain. @Bigmurph why don’t you put those members in the red category or yellow, like you would do for sponsors that don’t hold up their end of the bargain?


I promise you that I have been thinking about this all day.
I have also thought about it in the past tagging the member with a tag under there name that says promo whore but we don’t do things like that at so I decided against it.
I have told sponsors that they need to have me approve who they choose so that an active member that will keep their end of the bargain gets the chance.


@john calm down dude. First off I’m not one of these members begging for free shit never have been I was asked and I told @Bigmurph it would be a bit before I tested due to me just competing. Calm down dude. It’s being handled.