Blood Test From A Client With His Permission To Post

My baseline was pulled for my TRT doc, so I reduced my dose to keep my levels lower for him. Baseline test was 659 (it’s usually closer to 1000).

Please note the ROIDTEST, with both vials confirming.

These labs were drawn 30 hours after an “escalating frontload”. I received my pack on a Friday so my doses leading up to the test were as follows:

Friday: 300mg
Monday: 300mg
Thursday: 400mg
Monday: 540mg (1.8ml)
Thursday: 540mg

As soon as I had the labs pulled, I returned to my planned 300mg 2x weekly dose.

Because of the ramped-up frontload and the fact that labs were drawn 30 hours after that final 540mg dose, they will be high, but I would imagine that, on 600mg per week, my levels will be closer to 3200-3400, which is where I’d expect them to be. I would say this gear is spot on.

I’ll be upping my Aromasin. Nice Job Alpha Omega!!


From personal experience your Test Cyp is solid @AlphaOmega


The orals are as well. We have a female who has been on it for a few months with pictures and I must say the change is GREAT! She says its the best var she has had in a long time.


DO you have pictures of the time intervals that are suggested for the tests?
for example I did a EQ sample and got results after 1 minute and then results after 10 minutes