Bitcoin and altcoin investment and payments


So I have been seeing alot about guys not knowing how to use bitcoin as payment and that some guys even sources don’t understand or use cryptocurrancy.
This honestly blows my mind.
I was wondering if anyone else was interested in trading cryptocurrancy and if so which coins are you guys into?
I play around with it basically just took 100$ awhile back and have played around at binance with it. Ive been up and down. Im starting to really figure it out. Is anyone else invested?
If so I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on which coins to get involved in.
I don’t think its a good idea to talk about actual money amounts but id like to hear what everyone thinks about bitcoin possibly making a come back. Ive been hearing some hype about George Seros starting to invest in crypto. I also know that the SEC has been just kinda moving paper around and not really passing any legislation against or for it which leads me to believe that politicians are definitely invested in crypto. There is also supposed to be a big announcement from verge which in my opinion is the ultimate hype coin but they do have a strong partnership with tokenpay and I believe that tokenpay is actually going to become a strong company in the future.
I thought bitpay wasn’t going to make it and im starting to see more vendors accepting payments from them. You also have a company called cryptarium which is starting to put together a viable payment system throughout Europe at all credit card machines that is going to allow anyone who holds cryptocurrancy to be able to spend it anywhere in Europe and eventually abroad.
How long until I can go to the gas station or even McDonald’s and pay with crypto in the USA it might not be that far away.
What do you guys think?