Best concert you have seen


…just wondering what has been the best show you have ever attended. For me I would have to choose AC/DC at far as performance goes but for a complete show with pyrotechnics and light show would have to be RUSH.


I love rock and hardcore but the best concert for me was the up in smoke tour with dr dre, and the whole west coast after chronic 2001 came out. It was a great show.
I recently saw the red hot chilli peppers and I knew that it was going to be good but it was amazing. They fucking rock live on stage. I had a really good time.
I still need to see Korn im about to travel to vegas to go to the show there coming up. I just don’t have the money. Unless someone wants to send me lol


U2. I was backstage for the event. It was amazing show and they treated staff really good. When I was at other events like Motely Crue and Aerosmith they treated staff like shit.


I saw the very 1st OzzFest it was fkn awesome! Pantera, Type O Negative, Machinehead, Fear Factory on big stage tons of other sick bands on 2nd stage! Overall sick day lots of ass kicking and titties swinging :metal:t2:


Elvis Presley '76


Wow…that was like right before he passed.


Ha ha old man Top


What’s a concert?! :wink: Y’all need to hit a rave/festival! That’s where the party is at.


To many people in my personal space, and a concert, never been to one


…hate ‘standing room only’.


I’ve hit up Van Halen and AC/DC in the day and even Metallica more recently but who or what band could compare to The King. :wink: I didn’t think much about it at the time but now its a pretty big deal.


He is the man


Any Tool show. Been to 3


They need to make another fkn album


Tool im talking about!!


Man, fuck all of your answers :joy::joy:. MICHAEL JACKSON! Lol nah just kidding, I wish I made one of his concerts before he passed though. Haven’t been to any concerts actually.


Abso-fucking-Lutely. Any time this Decade would be nice


Ultra in Miami I went to the first
Amazing MDMA WOW
That’s all I can say


Lmao. Haven’t made it to ultra yet.


ok…DON’T laugh…Madonna concert…amazing dancers…special effects…and i love dance music. one i went to was when she came down in a giant disco ball…that was her dance album one… i am all about lighting…and special effects…then i went to a ricky martin concert speaking of pyrotechnics…that was a firey concert…lots a dazzling stuff at that one…then in my early teens i saw a janet jackson… she pulled me on stage…and then her lover at the time had me kicked out cus he though i touched her…:rofl::rofl::rofl: i did not.