Are you guys up to date with UGM sister site?


I hope everybody is getting a chance to view UGM sister site…


What site is that?


and Anabolic Development


That first one was private bro. We dont need to post the url on the open site here.


Oh shit sorry man i feel like an idiot


Yeah bro I was afraid to even post AD


Totally forgot and feel like an asshole now


It happens bro


AD is fine. We publicize that one. The other is for when people want to post more personal things.


Got it Tren thanks for understanding


Yeah if you can everyone check out


Bro I guarantee you that although you may feel like one, nobody here thinks your a asshole, do you know how many posts of mine @Fitraver has edited, or someone else has had to tell me to uhh think before I talk on here


very true ive been edited plenty


I appreciate that man i just know better and it slipped my mind. As a vet i have an obligation to all the younger guys here to act and speak in respectable manner. I know a lot of people value my opinion and with that responsibility i want to do my very best to help as many people i can all the while following the rules of the forum.


Your right, and I am one who pays attention to what you say brother


Means a lot bro ty


I for one have always valued you’re opinion, advice and knowledge bro.


Thanks brother i truly appreciate it and i honestly do my very best to be as helpful as i can be to everyone here!