Anyone ever experience something like this?


I’m currently in the process of rehabbing my elbow. I want to start working with PHD and get on stage for the first time next year, so I’m really taking it slow so when I do work with him I’m at 100% from the word go. For the past month or so I’ve been focusing on my diet and cardio along with yoga several times a week.

Anyways jogging has always been a huge part of my routine and I really take pride in having a low blood pressure and a great resting heart rate. For the past two weeks or so I have been getting a pretty hardcore runners high which is not unusual but what happens after is. I get to pumped and it last all day! It feels like a good dbol pump mixed with taking to much pre-workout, it’s a weird feeling. My hands get shaky, my arms feel pumped all day, I can’t sit still and just feel like running more and now I am having trouble falling asleep. I took a few days off to see if running was the culprit and it seems to be. The couple days off I felt fine and slept great.

I just got my blood work done and everything looks like it should.
My total T levels were around 1400
Estrogen around 25
TSH 3.7
Everything else looked good…

Everything looks like it should but these pumps are just too extreme! I tried to do less but it seems like once the adrenaline starts going I go straight from 0 to 100. If anyone has ever experienced anything like this please let me know. BTW I’m just cruising on some Test C right now so I do not think its gear related.


No i havent experienced that bro sorry i hope everything turns out ok


Try checking it out?

I’m sure if you start working with @PHD he can work with you or around any issue you maybe having. Have you tried contacting him yet to see about what kind of plan he can setup for you?


Never heard of that either bro. I’d say it’s probably diet or supplement related. Really strange though. Keep us posted. Looking forward to working with you. Ps you don’t need to be 100% to start a program. Also for elbow pain see a good chiropractor or massage therapist that specializes in muscles. Also elbow sleeves work wonders. I use iron rebels brand. I do some tricep exercises that have really helped my elbow also.


Yeah man I really just want my elbow to be good when we start though, so I can get the most out of our time. Plus I want to run a cycle and until my elbow is better I think anything besides my TRT would be pointless. I got the sleeves you recommended. Right now I’m doing acupuncture, I have had a couple deep tissues and I’m something called nerve flossing the PT showed me. My fiancé also has a tens unit I’ve started using. The adrenaline issue isn’t that bad it’s just weird so I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything like that. I have a doctors appointment next week but yeah idk I don’t take any supplements and my diet is on point. My guess it is thyroid related.


You used the inner tube on your elbow before your workouts?


Bro that works. I can’t remember if you showed me or who but it workd


I just watched some videos on it, I’m definitely going to give that a try. Thanks man.


I really like the sleeves you recommended. I trained VERY light today, pain free but as soon as I get around a 45 degree angle something starts popping in there. I just back off anything I feel it but it’s close 80%.


Try using kettle bells also. I learned that from dusty hanshaw and dude my elbows don’t hurt at all now. I use them laying down for skull crushers and also on incline bench. It’s the angle or
Something but zero pain. Try going light and see how it feels


I just wanted to write an update…
I just got back from seeing the Endocrinologist and he believes it is thyroid related. I got my TSH checked on Friday after my run and it was only at .2 which explains feeling so jittery and anxious. Since I do not have a thyroid I have to take a little pill called Synthroid every day to replace the hormone. When I take it, it needs to be on an empty stomach and I cannot eat for at least an hour afterwards. I used to walk the dog, get ready, eat and then hit the gym before work. Recently though since I have been rehabbing my elbow I have been walking the dog then going for a run, so my doctor believes that me running on an empty stomach right after taking my medication is causing my body to fully absorb the medication. Hopefully that’s all it is, so I will just wait until after work for my run.


That’s an easy fix I hope that its that easy for you brother