Anybody Know This Guy


He now has a net worth that exceeds $100 billion… billion with a B

And he didn’t do it trading crypto currency.

He created a shopping platform for people more lazy than broke! :wink:

His successful business model was based on taking huge losses to gain market share thru the use of predatory pricing! Now everyone HAS to be on Amazon because of their huge market share and market domination. They do not violate anti-trust because of their outstanding service and commitment to consumer welfare. Their growth is unlimited and never can be considered a monopoly under current anti-trust laws. Genius!

Proof that making a business decision based on putting the customer first makes for unlimited growth and eventual profits.

@TrenGod @Bigmurph had to tag you on this.


I was just telling my business partner this. Customer service has to be top notch


Fucker now I want Taco Bell.


No less than 6 Beef Enchiritos! They are not on their menu anymore but you can still get them @PHD.

Screw it… thats going to be my post workout reward today.


@PHD get your own. This is my post workout meal for the day! Taco Bell Beef Enchirito X6.


Thats just wrong bro!!! What goes threw your head?


Nice looking taco bell…it would be blasphemy to visit one where I reside, but still usually it doesn’t look that good!


Go F yourself… I earned it. 13 months post shoulder injury I pressed 365 for 1 very solid rep. Not a PR but pretty dang good for a old man recovering from a right broken clavicle and a minor right rotator cuff tear received in two different events in 2017.

Just so you know I plowed through all six in one sitting! :wink:


Oh damn that looks good bro.