Any us dom src on here that can reply within 24 hrs?


Contacted 6 srcs on here & only one of them replies back within 24 hours, the other 5 either take 2-3 days to reply one email then another 2-3 days to reply another etc & 2 of them just haven’t replied at all for the last 3-6 days. I got screwed by garbage gear from the sponsors on here recently & trying to quickly transition to another product to save the cycle as already shut down from orals, at the rate this srcs are replying it’ll take a month just to make an order. So if anyone knows a src that can reply back withen 24 hrs & gtg please pm, thanks


Both MpG and Symbiotec Labs has responded with in 24 hrs when I have reached out to them with questions I had. Keep in mind most sponsors are going to be extremely busy this time of year as this seems to be the time everyone makes end of year orders etc.


Also you could always contact @fitraver if you have any questions regarding @PharmaComStore


Who hasn’t replied I need to know?
If there not replying they might not need to be here anymore


AlphaOmega responded in less than 24 to me. Paramexer also replied in less than 24 to every email I sent.


Paramexer hasn’t replied at all to an email sent like 3 days ago… KodiakQueen emailed her Wednesday night heard nothing from her, also messaged her on here still nothing so far, also is SBL us dom? He emailed me saying he’s international?


@puritysourcelabs is back up and running domestic delivery again. Try @Vision maybe?



Can @MuscleGod get some help

@NandroXL thanks for the prompt reply


So far only @NandroXL has replied withen hours, first emailed him yesterday & just now asking for address to ship, great so far. & @SpencerCortez have you used @Vision before? Or PSL? Are they us dom?


I have not used any of their products, yet. I am planning on it very soon. They do have US Domestic service but I cannot speak to anything other than that. All my emails were answered within 24 and that was communicating internationally.

Someone will certainly hear your S.O.S…


As far I’m aware, international only. I also thought he did domestic as first but I may have been wrong. Made an order with him a couple days ago and he’s been very good about responding and answering any questions I’ve had. Will you keep posted on how everything goes since I know you’ve been looking for a source. Best of luck with your search bro


If I may chime in here…There’s quite a few options you have available with some solid sources within this community, I’m quite confident that you are doing your research the reason is because of thread…

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time, I will do everything within the best of my ability to provide you with the service that you need and expect and most of all deserve…

Your needs are extremely important to myself and my team… As our unwavering dedication and commitment to all of our clients and Friends alike,I will even extend our services by providing you with a discount off of a future order if you decide to utilize our domestic service at the same time pulling blood work and posting your results… this is our way to display our confidence in the product line that we stand behind!


Lol if they say international with a response I’d say they are international. Try @MPG (I’m not plugging any source since several sources have been named here). They have always been fast to me and sbl is also fast in response. You have to remember these guys aren’t Wal-Mart they do get busy. And it is holiday season which most guys get really busy and some even shut down


RELAX I GOT YOU :slight_smile: @MuscleGod monday i do shipping !!


i received an email at 3 today and replied a few min ago


Yea brother that’s my mistake, I realized you had 2 emails, 3 days ago I sent on Proton & today on Tuta


Look at that… problem looks to be solving itself! These guys are on top of their game!


PM is always open if email doesn’t work also!


XXXX is quick and helpful.


He is no longer a listed domestic source at UGM @Jstan.