Any favorites for domestic Primo


Mmm didint get email… i replay all emails ed…
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Hi didint get @ from you please send again
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Just sent another email.

please be careful with information shared in the public eye


Take that to PM guys. We don’t need users emails or tags in public


Roger that, sorry


All good bro.


I have Primo :grinning:


Which I would love to try but not trying to call you out just being honest your primo is expensive.
Best primo I ever had wss 54$ a vial bm pharmaceuticals
Best domestic ive never had a best domestic primobolan.
I honestly would like to talk to you about getting 2 vials of your primo


I don’t want to call out any other source/lab but I know what we create is top notch. @AlphaOmega is one who prices the vials and if he feels that the primo is priced right then I will have to go with it. Along with the pricing, I know for a fact that the milligrams, it is on point. Alpha or I never let any of our products leave our lab without backing it up 100%.


I believe that your primo is most likely top notch and I would love to use it. Im working on getting money together now actually.
Those var are legitimate 60mg was to much for me I lowered my dose to 40mg so I can get through my workout the pumps are amazing


I have yet to order from AOL, but on the short list. WE are taught you pay for quality. The company appears very transparent and honest. I have a fairly close associate that had nothing but good things to say. I have used and thought that BM from india products were good, very good and low priced but in the end the risk costs more. I am not a baller but I don’t like to order one or two things. Then there are some that probably laugh at my orders. Definitely on my short list especially when he and the MRS. keep pushing the envelope on blends , tabs , etc. IMO, we all still have a little place(or big) where we will find the magic potion.


Whenever you’re ready to place an order, we’ll be right here to accept it. No order is too small or too big, we welcome all orders. :smiley:


Oh im going to get 2 vials of odin I decided that today I just need to wait until I get the btc together


Gladly, let us know when :grin: