Anvil labs football contest 11/18 Eagles/Saints


Ok guys/gals feel free to post up your predictions for the upcoming game on 11/18. Eagles/Saints. Here are the rules so there’s no confusion:

The week of each game (meaning within the seven days before each game), board members will post their predictions for the Final score of the game. Who ever comes closest to the final score, wins a 10ml bottle of anything on my list. One entry per member. Shipping is not included, so you would basically be paying $10 for one of my vials. I will however waive the shipping fee if you decide to place an order in addition to the vial you win.
contestants cannot post duplicate scores, so if you see a post with the numbers you were going to post, you have to choose another set of numbers. Please scroll through the post to make sure your numbers haven’t been posted before you put them up.
If a situation arises where the winning score is evenly in between two guesses, the prize will be carried over the the following week, and of those two contestants, whoever guesses the next games winner, will win two bottles, and there will still be a separate winner for that weeks game. So that everyone still gets an opportunity to win.
i will ship the winners vial within 24-36 hrs of announcing the winner. I only ask that the recipient of the prize leave an honest review of my product.


Here you go @01dragonslayer.


Saints 34
Eagles 21


Ha…thanks my brotha.



Saints win 44-31


Saints- 38
Eagles- 17


I actually can’t wait to see this game. Saints are badass, but I’m still rooting for my underdogs!


Just for shits and giggles @Anvillabs can you post your predictions? I would assume it has no weight on this contest but id like to see where you stand!


Reducing the odds and taking away a scoring line from a member… Really?

Everybody in favor of @josh suggestion raise your hand, Everbody against @josh idea punch him in the rooster fish.

  • raise your hand (for the benefit of “Eat shit” semp
  • Rooster Fish (for the benfit of " Thinking about fishy Cock"

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place your bets quickly, @SemperFi wants an answer… if you cant figure out how to click on this poll I got crayons! @PHD sent them to me!


I dont even know why you guys play this contest against me, I win anyways!


Eagles 24
Saints 14


Let me know if you need a formal education in what a rooster fish is brother. Seems you’re a little confused.


Honestly I have no idea what a rooster fish is… please enlighten me


Does it look like a sheep’s head?





Yeah that’s some funny shit☝️☝️☝️



Football fan or not don’t miss out on a opportunity to win a free toy from @Anvillabs


Saints - 37
Eagles - 17


For sure semp, I wish we could somehow get the members on UGM to realize that this is an opportunity to get a sponsors product recognized and or exposed to quality standards… in my opinion this contest is and has been a great way to promote a ton of quality gear and an opportunity to show that @Anvillabs is standing behind his product!