Another Iron Junkie Athlete order success!


As promised my main man and my dedicated sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs comes thru once again. The man never lets me down and takes great care of me. I haven’t set a goal for myself and not reached it yet. The one thing that didn’t go well was the Anadrol but that was only bc my body didn’t agree with it. Trust me the drol was :100:% legit I just couldn’t take it bc it didn’t work well with my training style and regimen. I felt sick and couldn’t eat and in my sport I just couldn’t take that bc I can’t afford to take days off. So it’s continue the NPP & Sust, bringing back some NPP mixed with Inject Dbol and some oral Dbol to take throughout the day to keep blood levels stable. Also Proviron bc I refuse to run anything without it not just bc of all the benefits it has and frankly I think it’s the shit! Also giving this Armodafinil a go for focus at my day job as kitchen manager at a high volume restaurant where I have to multitask all day and I believe it will help tremendously! I will leave reviews on all the products bit that they are really necessary bc if you’ve ran anything from IJL you already kno it’s top notch quality you get top notch results! :boxing_glove::fire::muscle::100::boxing_glove:






Heat those crashed vials right up and inject that sweet goodness! Enjoy brotha! :muscle: :boom:


Those are some beautiful views.


I noticed I even got a throwback “Iron Asylum NPP”…most ppl that haven’t followed you for a while would probably be a little worried by that but honestly bro I’m excited! :fire::muscle:


Yeah bro they’re all crashed except the Sust. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest…I’ve become quite the pro at dealing with crashed gear. I hear everything up every morning anyway so big deal to me brotha!:sunglasses::fist_right::fist_left:


Yes brother thats one of our first batches but you know thats what got everyone hooked haha! Recently new batches of NPP are more stable, we dont like using to much harmful solvents in our brews so sometimes the compound will fall out of solution but this seems to be inly with the harder to brew items like the inject orals and NPP.
I heat everything everytime before injection anyways.


One question tho. Was this NPP brewed with Mig 840 or was this before you made the switch?


Are a lot of those crashes or just the pic quality?


@Fitraver All crashed but the Sustanon 350

Picture quality is perfect


Out of curiosity why do you ask bro?


I was just curious. If It’s not really cold where you are at and the “norm” shouldn’t be crashed gear and having to heat every time. I get that you’re okay with it, but that should be on somewhat rare occasions. It was just odd to see 3 if 4 vials crashed and all diff compounds. Has that been the case for all the stuff you’ve gotten? Or was this just because it was stuff made before mig?

I’m not at all saying anything wrong with the gear or ijl… just to me it shouldn’t be happening every time.


With that said, it is higher doses npp and then tne and a high dose dbol so again I do understand that happens especially with that type stuff. I guess it justbso happened you got all 3 at once and I was caught off guard.

I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t like a norm that all his gear was crushing and everyone is expected to hear haha which I hadn’t seen anyone say bat so sure it’s not the case.

I know my test was fine.


Oral injectable are just hard to keep in solution without using a shit ton of guaiacol. Mig oil only helps for smoothness and ease of the shot also its quality oil, but it isnt a solvent just a carrier oil so even tjough it can hold alot higher mg than other carrier oils, firstly the brew has to already have all the high amounts of solvents needed to keep it in solution, no adding of more mig is going to stop it from crashing if the solvents aren’t there. High amounts of solvents can cause health risks like heart murmurs for one! yes we understand its a pain to warm it but there is very little to no PIP on the gear. what we are going to do is either lower the mg content on all our inject orals and NPP to keep it from crashing or just remove the injectable orals all together




Well I can attest for this first hand. I heated each of the 3 crashed (NPP, TNE, & the DBOL) all of which came back crystal clear. Pinned the NPP in one glute and combined 75mg TNE & 50mg Dbol in one syringe and pinned the other glute. Absolutely no pip in either shot. My workout was incredibly intense so I can tell you one thing for :100:% certainty crashed yes it was but they came back into solution perfectly and are :100:% fire​:fire::muscle: @Iron_Junkie_Labs my personal suggestion would be to not change a thing! Unless you can somehow improve upon what I think is perfection.


Me personally it doesnt bother me at all to heat my gear up before shooting especially since dealing with higher mg gear is something i have to do because of my size. I know that my man United Gear uses guaiacol as super solvent to stabilize his inject orals and higher mg oils and i use them all no problem whatsoever! I know IJL is total gentleman and awesome business man and looks out for his peeps just as awese as my man United Gear! You guys are the balls! I understand why Fitraver questioned it and respect him tons for looking out for everyone here but just fig id throw my 2 cents in since im a vet of the sport used it all amd seen it all as well