Another great order from Sbl


My second order just arrived today. Although most of this gear isn’t mine(buddies from the gym), I am very pleased with the way SBL does business. Highly professional and will order again!


Thanks for the share. Be very, very careful supplying gear for ‘buddies’ at the gym. Personally I would advise not to go there… ever!~ Let them take their own risks…not place me in double jeopardy.

Of course, if you live in a steroid friendly region then this wouldn’t apply.



Thanks for the concern!
I’ll definitely take your advice on that.


@mataa59 one of the best things I do for people who ask me about gear is direct them to places like UGM so that they can get educated, be part of a community and learn about responsible use.

What they decide to do with the advice in on them. :wink:


Very good advice and we all have to limit our risks for ourselves let other people take their own risks for their own shit. If the hammer comes down it’ll be your ass in a jump suit inside a 6’x6’. No thanks!


I am happy that you are satisfied, I also agree with the opinions @SemperFi and @MBTJR1980. You know where to find me here so if you have any questions feel free :slight_smile:

[email protected]




Ha…photo bomb!

I gonna have to get on the band wagon and try some of his line. Heard nothin’ but great reviews.


Best ever


@Pastor I will add to your post… “in your opinion”. :wink: I have yet seen you post any blood work to back the statement. Please forgive me if you have posted some and I have just not seen it. Without actual blood work we can only go on personal experiences and personal experiences are subjective at best. I am not doubting your statement or the source. I simply have seen this time and time again over the years without any actual proof.


Of course ,I understand and agree and this is what I stated before: as I am on TRT other long esters that I had in me before will clear off my system. By the time am done with 4 weeks TRT it all be SBL Test cyp will post blood work


That would be great @Pastor. Thank you for your kind consideration and spending your hard earned money to provide lab work for the benefit of everyone. I wish more of us members on all the forums would be that generous. :wink:


I cannot agree with this more. The “best ever” without any bloods to back up is way too common. Me and you are so alike. I’m all about bloods and proof haha. That’s not at all to say people haven’t been on enough to know what’s good. But several times I’ve seen people say that then bloods pop up bad (this is generality and nothing to do with sbl - I have no doubt his will come back good - this is just my philosophy as a whole on all srcs). I’d love to see a trend started in this board with every single person getting bloods. First for their own health and second to give props to srcs for good stuff and help to other members.


I couldn’t I agree more with you both…for me even if blood work is perfect still other factors make a compound best ever…let me explain myself. Over a year ago I got some sustenon from naps: Radjay, pharma grade…after 2 weeks I couldn’t conteneu with it , pip scared me away from it.
TrenGod steted being on his clen and being great. If you ever have the opportunity to just see a bottle from SBL you will see a compound fully and thoroughly dissolved…no molecular condensation from bad or poor mix, is steady and homogeneous…so …so crystal clear.
Blood work, YES… mandatory, necessary, imperative…still might not deserve: best ever…it is just the way it feels and works in you according to pass experiences


Very good point!!! Bloods as a baseline and then add in all other factors for ease of use (pip, carrier oil), presentation (stoppers and sterility), etc. agree there @Pastor you could def have solid bloods but fail on other parts and not call it the best or something you’d want to do again. I’d also say without bloods tho you can never say ya the best just based off the other ones, they’re more so enhancing features once the compound is proven legit :slight_smile:


Is some how extremely hard for me to believe in such a big concern for health issues and i kindly ask you please forgive me for the level of candor of this statement but here you are offering me a set of advises extremely valuable…But i see you shooting crashed gear and testing after…it took me a few days but i must get it off my chest …Me I am a man that no matter what i say people see the way i live …is called EXAMPLE


@Pastor I edited this post to prevent any public drama. Feel free to PM if you would like to discuss anything with me in private. I am certain you do not have the entire story.


@pastor if you’re going to call out a member on this board, especially one as well respected as @SemperFi (or really anyone when your point is clearly unresearched)then you need to know what you are talking about. Gear can crash for multiple reasons. Including just being cold. Just because something crashed does not make it shit gear. Tne and some high Mg compounds are susceptible to it, especially in no g is used. Usually once heated, it comes right back to suspend and is fine to pin.

At the end of the day, it is up to the user to decide if they want to pin it or not. But for you to call out semper and make him seem like that is so awful of him to do, or make him seem like he doesn’t know anything for doing it or would be giving bad advice is wrong. You really should educate yourself in the matter before speaking out in public.

Also, semper was doing a favor and testing out the pip of the compound as a favor to us on the board…

This really rubbed me the wrong way how you handled this. So take this as your warning it is not acceptable.

@Bigmurph @TrenGod @PHD


Thanks beloved for your mercy.
I started the post asking for forgiveness…I meditated about this and also in the middle of my lack of education as you say made an attempt to know more and it comes to a matter of decisions… personally I believe in excellent, admirable , awesome…why would I use something is not…never meant to attacked any body. But just don’t show congruence: excellent advice’s…mediocre looking gear. I thank you for your fair warning and compassion


@pastor from me to you… We don’t need to look back because we are not going that way. Your response says a lot about your character and I hope we can continue to support and encourage one another even if differences arise. A field full of white sheep is a boring sight but put a black sheep in the flock once in awhile and it becomes exciting.

BTW- some ‘mediocre looking gear’ has on occasion been the very top delivers in a cycle. Looks can be deceptive.

Man 1; standing on the street with a dog next to him.
Man 2; walks up to Man 1 and asked ‘Does your dog bite?’
Man 1; ‘No.’
Man 2; Pets dog next to Man 1 and is immediately bitten.
Man 2; I thought you said your dog does not bite.
Man 1; That’s not my dog!