Another Auction from PharmaComStore - $300 Credit


It’s time for another @PharmaComStore Auction!!! This one will work same as the last one did.

@PharmaComStore has over 400 high quality products and only the best lines of AAS, HGH, PCT and everything else you need. Your One Stop Shop!

** Bids increments must be at least $5 and in increments of 5 once over $5 - so $10, $15, $20, etc are allowed increases … not $7 or $9 … once $170 minimum is met, then increments can be $1**

Auction is for U$300 in store credit plus free shipping.


  • Starting bid is $5
  • Auction will end when there is no bid for 24 hours.
  • Once a bid is made there will be 24 hours to out bid. If no one out bids, the auction is over.
  • The 24 hour countdown begins when the auction hits $170.
  • No double bids. You must wait to be outbid to bid again.

Other details:

  • No product restrictions
  • Cannot be combined with any other promos/codes/discounts

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Auction time again from PCS - $300 Credit

5$ :grimacing:




$100 :see_no_evil:


Good morning all. Thanks for the bids. @Swest in the lead with $100.


$105.00 keeping it alive


Fuck it $170


@Swest your wife is going to be pissed. She was wanting a new handbag.


What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her. She gets enough bags anyway- she’s even got a bag for when she’s at home- wtf??? :joy:


Dayummm @Swest bringing the big guns!! First 24 hour clock has started


It can’t be won until it hits $170 and I’m keen to get an order in for dhb. We may as well get it on and see what happens.:grimacing:


I knew that DHB was gunna be a hit. What dose are you wanting to run? Just with test?


300-400 a week with 600 test. Been doing some research since the p-com log competition and love the sound of it


People are loving DHB. Kinda wanna run it myself but already have NPP/Primo lined up for my next lean bulker.


You might want to switch it up to primo/dhb


Some people are cycle wafflers and some people stick to a plan. :wink:

Want some syrup for that waffle @Bigmurph?


Haha no worries I’m not switching. Unless I get a coach and his plan says otherwise. lol that would be my only reason. I’m set on the npp and primo in my books.


I like honey better but sure syrup sounds good


@Swest still in the lead at $170. Someone would need to outbid him by 11:48am mountain time or it’s his!


Just under an hour left. Is anyone gunna knock him off?