Ancillaries- pharma grade or ugl?


I’m new here and just wanted to ask you guys what you prefer / recommend when it comes to ai’s and Pct, pharma grade or is ugl ok? I am trying to put together a very simple first cycle and want to do it the right way. Test only, bloods before hand, mid way and after pct. I want to make sure I have the right ancillaries on hand to counter anything that might arise as this will be the first time so I don’t know how my body will react. And the right pct afterwards. Would love your thoughts as I’m trying to put it all together atm.



@Phr1 For me Rx is my very first choice. I have used UGL’s from very trusted sources in a pinch but I don’t like rolling the dice in this area.

Good luck…be responsible and enjoy the process.


After getting screwed from research chems I always go rx for ancillaries. Some of the ugl srcs here tho have quality stuff. Better than research chem for sure.


Fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me. :wink:

Right on @Fitraver… avoid RC’s.


I think that us, or EU pharma is best, India pharma 2nd best, ugl and research chem as a last option.


I used to buy only pharma grade, then I went with ugl’s and I was happy till I learned that there’s also good and bad in that area, specially if something is made only pills by pharma grade… should not be made liquid. Is a matter of research and we have on this forum high biochemical knowledge


Ugl can be ok but pharma grade products are definitely the way to go.
Even nowadays though you need to be careful who you order pharma grade products from because I believe that the estimate is 40% of pharma grade products are counterfeit or fake. Its a roll of the dice but you can definitely get real pharma grade products you just need to research heavily into how to spot counterfeit.
When it comes down to it though I would always reccomend pharma grade products for your pct and ai especially. Its the most important part of your cycle. Its going to determine how much of the gains you made are kept and also you can get into a really bad spot with gyno if your ai isn’t what it should be.

I would reccomend arimidex to learn how to control your estrogen first time around.
I would also say use the cookie cutter method for pct
2 wks after last long ester pin start
Wk 1 100/40
Wk2 100/40
Wk3 50/20
Wk4 50/20

Then bloods to make sure that you’re estrogen hasn’t rebounded from the adex.
I would also reccomended running a tapering Down dose of arimidex during the 2wks before pct


To add to what @Bigmurph posted concerning blood work… Seriously consider getting PRE-CYCLE blood work done so you know your overall health before starting and have a baseline to compare to for your post cycle/pct levels. My recommendation is to get a full male hormone panel including PSA pre-cycle.

Any of us who have been in the game for awhile can attest that blood draws are the MOST overlooked aspect of steroid use. Everyone thinks they are the exception to the rule and the rules do not apply to them. I can tell you… none of us are special when it comes to steroid use and they will not discriminate who they take down. :wink:


You couldn’t be more right
Especially first time around you need pre mid post bloods so you can understand what you feel compared to the actually numbers++++


Use your head and all the knowledge that all of these vets are telling you bro! Take nothing for granted with your health as it can go sideways and upside down in a hurry! Bloods are crucial and if you have a source you trust than stay with them on gear and ancillaries but obviously anything can be faked, underdosed, or rebranded as something else


This is awesome. Appreciate you taking the time to share your advice. Thank you.


Thanks all for the input and advice. I will def look to source pharma ancillaries as my first choice.

Bloods were always a definite. One thing I’ve learnt from reading here and elsewhere is the importance of a baseline and then monitoring as you go. Thanks again all!


Im always here to help and you can contact me anytime in a private message or in a open thread.

Good luck and good gains brother


Bigmurph is the man! Hes slways there to help anyone of the UGMuscle fam!