Anastrozoel helps increase testosterone


Anastrozoel helps increase testosterone
Found this snip of info while researching

Anastrozole…increase testosterone while lowering estrogen
Anastrozole has the ability to double a low testosterone male’s bioavailable testosterone and increase his total testosterone by around two thirds. Anastrozole is used widely for just this purpose. One study looked at men over 60 years old and found an increase in testosterone of 62% and a decrease in estradiol, the “bad estrogen”, of 24% for a net improvement in the testosterone-to-estradiol ratio of 115%. It took their total testosterone levels up from an average of 330 to 535 ng/dl.

Another study on infertile men with a T/E ratio less than 10 and total testosterone under 200 ng/dl found even more impressive results: total testosterone was increased by an average of 95%.

Anastazole actually works by binding to the aromatase enzyme that converts your testosterone into estrogen. Anastrozole effectively inhibits or blocks this conversion. One might expect estradiol to be affected more proportionately than testosterone, but in actuality it was testosterone that was affected more than estrogen in the above study.


Another good read, my question to you is, if you weren’t showing signs of your e2 being jacked up, would you still run the adex? I have it on hand, but don’t use it… and if you do use it, what would you recommend? .5ed maybe or eod??


It does help harden you up and keep sub q water off I use .5 mg eod during CUTTING,but if I have a event I’ll bump to .5 mg Ed ,it really make a difference in skin tightness


I agree. If you need that % change for a competition, then there’s protocol that works. Just like prep h or thiomucase( old version) saran wrap and tanning bed LOL. What works works…


After I read that and asked @Mountain-man I started it .5 m/w/f so thanks guys


I know about the Saran wrap we used prep h made for a long sleepless night


Dallas M(RIP) had the problem of when he turned pro, he had underdeveloped glutes for the ripped boxed glute look that Gaspari made popular(damn him). I had the same problem,I had veins, separated but no striations, i would lather on that greasey crap and tansaran wrap or the neoprene waist and hip . I thought its better with a big back and hamstrings to have smaller glutes. Nope…your glute ham tie in isnt there … so if spot shooting works I should have a huge ripped ass. such monumental problems plagued me LOL. sleepness nights worried about not having a shredded ass. Finally the bikini division came along and the workout was pure ass lifts and I learned how to tackle that problem. Everthing for a reason.:relaxed:


That should do it thanks for the update