Anadrol experience


Im trying to get any advice or personal experiences I can from any of my brother’s on here who’ve ran Anadrol. What kind of sides good or bad to expect, what doses did you find most effective. Do yall feel it best to take the dose all at once in the morning/preworkout or split it up throughout the day. Any and all input good or bad is welcome. Just looking for some experienced users with the compound before I add it into my cycle in a couple days. Thanks for y’all’s time UGM brothers and sisters.:muscle::boxing_glove:


@Iron_Junkie_Labs and myself have discussed how I should run it and that’s most likely the way I’m going to do it just like to hear you other fellas input


I can say that I can’t run adrol because of the effect on blood pressure. Its an amazing compound to gain mass quickly.
There are really 2 ways to take adrol you can run it 6wks at the beginning 50mg split or you can pulse it over your cycle 2wks on 2wks off.
I prefer the pulse method because you can take advantage of the adrol through the whole cycle.
No matter which way you do uae adol you should always split your dose so that way you can have steady blood levels. Without googling it I believe that adrol has a half life of only 6-8hrs. So unless you want to use it as a pwo which is actually another way to run it. I would definitely say split your dose. As a fighter why are you going to use adrol? I really believe that var or tbol would be a better choice for you. Especially tbol because it really gives you fast strength gains while staying lean because there is no aromatase happening with tbol. Anavar would also be a good choice but I think tbol would be a better choice for you. Anavar gives you a great look but you’re interested in performance enhancing and for a weight regulated athlete tbol I believe is the best choice. If you look at tbol history it was invented by Russia to dope eastern Germany’s Olympic team back in the 50s or 60s. It was there original doping protocol for there athletes.


We agreed that he would try Adrol before anything because what he really needs is to add ln weight quick so he can make weight for his fight, now you are definitely correct on the Tbol (i love that :poop:) but for this situation i felt adrol would pack on the weight he need quickly and as well as strength. @N8GainTrain
I beleive you should take it as a PWO so that you can take advantage of it during your workouts, you could split dose if your worried about blood pressure (sides) but i would try the PWO method first but if not and want to split you can take 50mg when you wake up and another 50mg about 10 hours later.


My favorite way to do it is to pulse it. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I feel I can manage side effects better.


I didn’t know he was trying to add on weight and strength I agree with your plan


Anadrol gave me the final answer i needed about 4 months ago…I just can not handle methylated substances…i did only 25mg/day(inject able) and the pain from the Atlas to the Coxis …all the way thru the back…and the lethargy real bad i will fall asleep while driving. Let me tell you one thing though: do not get discouraged by my words, it might work great for YOU; i just wanna offer you my experience so if you feel something similar you know where it comes from. God Bless


Thanks fellas for all your input. I believe I’m gonna try it as a preworkout for the first week to 10 days and see how that goes. If I’m liking it, I’ll stick to that method. Second option is to run 50/50 split for a week to 10 days. I’ll have to decide how I’m going to run it fairly quickly tho bc with the fight coming up on April 21st I want to be able to get the most out of it.

One other question. How long before it starts to build up and I start to feel or see the effects of it or is it a compound that i should start noticing something fairly quickly?


@N8GainTrain You will feel the effects come on fairly quickly 4-7 days and lets go for stable blood levels brother so shoot for 50mg in the morning and another 50 10 hours later, that should keep blood levels stable and you should see great gains brotha :muscle: :boxing_glove: also one of those dosages can be set up to be taken around before your workout so its still like a PWO


Alright brother that’s the plan then. As my sponsor I’m gonna go with what you think will work best for me. How long before my workout should I take it? I head to the gym in the mornings between 3:00-4:00am.


30 minutes before is fine brother :+1:


Yes, what ijl said. You’ll notice strength gains almost right away. My strength started to increase on the 3rd day and never stopped going up.


1 hr after your first dose you will definitely feel it in the gym.


First time I ever ran anodrol… Sheesh! Man I went from a shredded 205lbs to a hulk status 235lbs still extremely lean in about 4 weeks it’s still my favorite thing to kick off a cycle with. You’ll love it bro especially Pwo. Good luck


always am /pm for me. let the headaches come the first week while blood pressure increases and then ride the wave. 8 hour half life… so if you take a cap with a glass of milk and oreos before bed you will be more than ready to train in the morning


Myself cant do orals but the injectable version was insane as a pwo 1 hour prior to hitting the gym. Pumps and strength increases almost immediately and continue for about 4 weeks then start to plateau. Did get some lethargy, increased blood pressure, bad headaches, and reduced appetite which is when i decided id got the most i could from the compound and took it out of my cycle. Best of luck bro @N8GainTrain :+1:t2:


Great for rapid mass gains. Look out for back pumps, etc. Split in half for morning and evening, preferably with food because a lot of people have intestinal issues with orals. It has no bearing on bioavailability with food. Everyone is different and some are genetically predisposed to different chemicals in different ways. Blood labs are a great way before and afterwards to see the differences.


The muscle building effects of anadrol is amazing. But my head hurts like from it at 50mg and up and I don’t feel that great.


@Andrew0409 Typical sides. Watch your BP and heart rate closely. You go down I ain’t giving you mouth to mouth but I will be happy to do squat chest compressions if necessary. I expect the same consideration in return.

Personally I think Drol is a shitty return on investment unless you are talking about quick losses after cessation a good return.


Yeah, the headaches from BP sucks. I’ve seen some bodybuilders take like 150mg for pwo. 50 is the MAx I can handle, anything more I feel awful.