Alpha Omega Promo Until Nov 4th


We are pleased to give a 20% discount from now until Nov 4th using promo code AOLBULK . You can also get an additional 5% when you pay with bitcoin using Crypto (codes will stack). Thanks everyone!


Alpha do you have a site or list I can see.


I have both. Rather the new site.

Soon we will go private. So anyone who wants in needs to register. After it will be referral and invite only.


Damn Alpha if those are actual pics those things are filled way over 10


10ml shorties. Easier to ship bigger orders :wink:


Very nice. Good looking site. November 4th. I’m good at math so that’s well over a month!


Longer I believe…Almost 2 months. If you use Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin (my site converts it at no cost you) you can get a extra 5% using Crypto :wink:


@AlphaOmega if using your site… it takes roughly how long to receive domestic? 2 months?


Lol wut?!? Was that a typo? Santa can almost bring you gear quicker than 2 months :santa:t3:


Has to be unless it’s pony express lol


After our clients get the shipment notification it takes 2-4 business days :slight_smile:


@AlphaOmega delivers at Amazon Prime speed. Any delay that I have heard about is carrier caused not because of a delay in handling by Revelation. It happens, package gets marked as delivered, customer freaks out, carrier physically delivers the package the following day.


Now that’s service Alpha!


How do you get an invite


Totally sorry I read the posts wrong originally, I thought it was 2 months for t/a… didn’t realize it was about the discount. Glad I saw this post again and now know delivery is only 2-4 days.


send us an email and let us know your a member here


That’s a great tool