Alpha omega labs revamp promo!


We like to apologize for being gone from this forum for a couple of months.
We had to take some time to revisit and revamp our brand and create new products for you all.

We are now back and in full force with at least 4 new new items and a promo to help you get acclimated to our brand again.

For UGMuscle ONLY, we have offered our current and new clients a 15% off promo code.

Use code UGM15 at checkout in the “vouchers” section to save 15% off your order with a minimum order of $150 and before shipping.

The promo code is stackable with the permanent Crypto currency code ( CRYPTO) which is 5% off before shipping.
Using both of the codes together saves you a whopping 20% on your order of $150 or more.

We hope that you give us a chance to not only give us your business but your trust.

Mr & Mrs. AO


I believe that I’m going to place an order ive been intrigued by your gear for awhile especially the blends.


By the way @MrsAlphaOmega you should write an introduction to let everyone know that you and your husband are 2 different people and not just 2 accounts.
Were really happy to have you around and if you ever need anything just let me or @Berserker know


I used AOL for about 5 months. Always had good bloods and ordering was always smooth


I always like to hear positive feedback why don’t you write them a review for the products you used


I agree, the Mr and I are two parts of the same Alpha Omega coin!

You can say that he’s the brain and muscle of this operation and i’m the heart of it.

Alpha and I are here to answer any questions that you may have. You can get a hold of me via PM or email [email protected] or my personal email: [email protected].

I’m looking forward to getting to know a lot of you and helping you reach your fitness goals!


WHATS UP! Holy hell we have been swamped. We have everything ironed out operation wise.

Dont let the Mrs fool you! If it weren’t for her I would most likely be bald by now. She brings a lot of skill sets that I can only be envious of. She handles MOST of the emails now and its a god send. At 1st it was just lil ol me, she saw I was having issues keeping up. Staying up VERY late and being up at 4am (without an alarm, sad), so she left her job to come help me.

Hope everyone has been doing good! Training hard?!

On a side note, we had anavar that was secret shopped by another forum (won’t say which out of respect for Murph) and it did infact show that our 20mg anavar was/is REAL and the tabs tested showed 17mg and 14mg. We found the issue since the testing and all is good to go now. Anavar is very big crystals and mixing with binders to press was the issue. I will do the other sources a favor. Pressing anavar tabs or capping this fix goes hand in hand with both. Grind up your anavar in a mortar, marble NOT a wood mortar. This enables the powder to mix with the binders or fillers properly.



Awww stop being so sweet! :kissing_heart: I saw a need so I jumped up to fill it!

You all should know that I am much nicer than Alpha, to a point, and I’m ALWAYS here to answer you emails, PMs and concerns.


Hot damn…I’m not putting out! Can a guy say that?



It’s cute how you think you can try to not put out… :rofl:


Thank you for that update AOL. That’s good to hear that you did your due diligence to handle that “Anavar situation” as I’ll call it lol. There should be no worries about ordering from AOL as I’ve said in the past, I’ve always enjoyed your products.


I’ve used their Test E, Tren E, Mast E, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol and a friend of mine is using their Tbol. There’s too much there to write full reviews on but I’ll say that I highly enjoyed what I did use from them and got good bloods on their Test E on 3 different occasions.


How is everyone doing! I feel like a slave anymore to all of you lol! Have a hard time keeping up. We have had one hell of a month, orders, health issues in the family…well…hell…life in general kicked our ass this month!

Going to unwind for the night. I made my own little app for UGM so I dont have to use my phones browser.


You get paid, slaves didn’t.


Well… I do take everything out of his wallet… so he doesn’t get paid either! :joy::joy:


Sounds just like my wife LOL


When it comes to husband’s money… we’re all the same! :yum:


I am releasing something for our clients tomorrow! I have been working on this for some time, which is another factor why i have had very little time to post up. Between here and 2 other forums (@Bigmurph and @Berserker you know whats up with 1 at the moment) Getting back in the gym Monday!

Having said that, I am proud of this and will be emailing all current clients with instructions on who, what, when and where!



Is the UGM15 code expired?? I’m starting my first cycle, and would like to use your products!



Unfortunately it is expired, it only last for a short period of time.