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We have another great sponsor to add to AIPCTSHOP.COM they have been around for awhile with a great track record. There site is great check it out all pharma grade products.
Id like everyone to welcome @AIPCTshop to
Welcome to UGM



Welcome. We could always use pharmaceutical grade products here at UGM.


Its like going to CVS lol


It’s going to take me a week to read through their entire product line… Lol


Welcome brotha glad to have you here with us!!


Theres a few things I checked that its hard for me to get here and they have it. Like a kid in a candy store right now lol.


Welcome !!!




WOW… I mucked up the time zone change, thanks everyone ! Glad to make the jump to UGM. Let me get situated and we’ll post up, in the mean time sign up for a newsletter on our site, sing up here This way you will be notified of the best sales and offers we have.

I’ll get an intro post up shortly !



Been around id say…good place.