Aerobic Exercises


After all this years in the fitness industry ,I have heard it all; when it comes to activities that will help you loose fat ( not same as loosing weigh) : Tae-bo, aerobics, boxing, martial arts, all kinds of dances, etc. Using fat as a source of energy is a very special chemical condition…After 18 minutes of activity if the intensity of the exercise is low enough our bodies will switch to KREB’S CYCLE, before that the muscle cell is been using the sugar in the bloodstream as source of fuel. A pure FAT BURNING exercise is an aerobic activity performed at 60-70 % of Maximum cardiac performance. Max. cardiac = 220 (males), 200 (female) minus age; if you lets say get on the tread mill and you check your pulse (heart rate ) and you have 140 beats per minutes your body is producing acid lactic, which is a metabolic residue from anaerobic energy production …eventually the muscle cell will fatigue due to high acid levels in the cytoplasm . Marathon runners describe the krebs cycle experience as crossing a DOOR and you can run forever.
If you are let’s say 40 years old , male and you are on a cutting face of your training and cycle your cardio should be at about 120 beats/ min; to be performed for at least 30 min ( you start burning fat after 18-20 min)


this is great read! so then at 120…i will be able to do the elliptical for 3 to 4 hrs as apposed to 170 to 190 for an an hr! :rofl::rofl::rofl: no…but this is great…it shows that i can not have to near kill myself to burn fat…i seem to always think that long cardio sessions and where i am sweating alot and out of breat alot which is around 177…190…is the only way to get results and if i get off the machine and hardly sweat…i did nothing…i have to try this idea for a week starting today see how it works for me