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UGM is currently in its 4th year running and was started as a way to provide a smaller more knowledgeable, no bullshit community. The original members come from other communities where $ was king, and scams and bullshit are rampant. Ultimately we will not censor things here and if someone reports a scammer we are open to sharing everything. We currently @1 million unique views monthly and are open to advertising and sponsors to keep the site running and provide more for the members.

However, board sponsors do not guarantee you a rating or review and will not verify you as a source. Certain criteria is made and referrals from within the community to verify a source and the products. We will remove verified sources with limited activity.

If you have any questions, please message @bigmurph or @TrenGod directly.


I do want to stress the part about sponsors needing to be active in the community to stay verified. We at ugmuscle.com take alot of pride in being able to verify a sponsor not because they pay us but because they are and have a track record of being solid and reliable with quality and legitimate products.


@Bigmurph and @TrenGod: is there a way where community members could be on a panel that goes through the process of identifying which sources are legit and which are not? Or is this more of a private conversation?


We have the review section for rating and sponsor quality discussions. If there is an issue with a verified src please send me a pm.
Under verified sponsor can talk there and in the review section you can talk there if its a sponsor that doesn’t already have a topic about them please create one. I always like to hear which srcs are doing what there supposed to and which are either hype or just suck.


i started using from a source on here-- eliteadvancedlabs – i cant find them now-- i wanted to update vafter using --i cant figure out how to


Elite was moved into the non active srcs category. You will be able to find there src page there. They are verified src they just don’t stay active so they end up there.


Here is the link for you brother



is there a way to see the date of a post?


There used to be on old ugm but this version we didn’t add dates because we want a thread to always be open to discussion.


thank u-il tell u a little about my story-- i was one of the world greatest athletes-- i lost my legs-- still world champion in disabled world --started running into health issues-- but always wrked at staying strong and fit-- but my energy took a drop and everything else if u get my drift-- my blood wrk showed test at 39 – get the pic-- i ordered from elite advanced almost 4 weeks ago-- what a change-- great stuff-- in about 4 weeks ill do bloods again and share with u-- but from the indications my libido is giving me i say great – 65 yr old-- sex 2 and 3 times a day-- so something is helping-- thank for ur site and ifo


No problem brother were glad to have you around and we would like to see the blood work for @elite_labs gear he is a good guy I speak with him from time to time.
Im glad to hear that the gear is working well for you. What are you using and how much?
If you ever need anything just hit me up anytime brother im always here to help


well the dr wanted me to start 200mg test every 2 weeks-- that may help someone who is border line-- so i started with 100 test – 100 deca-- 100 equipoise a week-- i wanted to limit the test–it aromatizes and i know deca and equipoise very little aromatase – im looking for health and fitness – i have always trained with weights and enjoy the results-- just want to be fit lean strong healthy


Do you donate blood every 8wks?

Witheq it thickens your blood you are running a low dose so it shouldn’t be a problem but its a good idea to donate blood every 8wks especially at your age or mine for that matter.
Im not sure if you know about this just trying to help out brother.

Im on a cruise right now myself running test cyp at around 180mgs and I added 600mgs of primo i feel great. I would definitely recommend primo to add and drop the eq. I’ve been seeing alot more guys using primo in thier trt. I have also been reading alot about using Trestolone Acetate in Europe for trt instead of decca.
It aromatase heavily but its a Nandrolone based compound that has very unique qualities.
I know that @Ukgear just started to carry it. Im either going to use 1testcyp or Trestolone Acetate in my next cycle.


im familiar with the hemoglobin increase-- i like ur suggestions–i’ll read up on it and ck into making changes thank u


any protocol for submitting a new source?


Have the src contact me by pm and I will let them know how to get verified



ive found a few times when a post date would have been helpful.
allows one to see if a post is relevant and current.

just putting it out there…



Oh I meant to bring this up too!! Good call.



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