A special reason today


There are times in life when we feel that situations are extremely difficult, we feel like we are or not have enough to make thru…We run to God for help.
There are times in life that we feel tire, we feel circumstances in life have taken all our energy…conflicts become so overwhelming that we feel exhausted…We run to God for strength.
There are times in life that we feel confused , our judgment seems to be blurry, is hard to make decisions and find the right path in life…We run to God for wisdom.
For 24 years of my life trouble is all i knew, specially the last 12-13 years i was always asking for something, always needing something, always calling people to ask for favors , money,etc…I got better…The taker became a giver.
When was the last time you opened your bible just to visit your father…when was the last time you went to father’s house just to visit…when was the last time you asked him how is he doing and feeling???
I would like to strongly compel you this morning to come to God simply because you love him, simply because you want to enjoy his company, simply because he is your father and you want to tell him how awesome he is.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for a mighty touch of your hand over everybody’s life on this forum , i pray for love and unity, i pray for understanding,peace and harmony, i pray for a great day , a great week, a great month ,a great life for all my brothers and sisters …In Jesus name.
God bless you all.


Pastor I am proud to say I read my Bible daily, I am involved in two Bible studies one being a men’s only called ‘Team Transformation’ and another co-ed that gathers during the week on Wednesday’s which we are currently on break for the summer. Team Transformation has been about 4 years strong now and the group impacted me so much that I decided to get baptized 2 years ago. I also do daily devotions every evening prior to hittin’ the sack. I soon hope to do daily marriage devotions as well.


awesome congrats on great choices been made


Thank you Pastor for the blessing from our Lord! You are a great man and i feel very blessed to call you my brother! Appreciate all the love and kindness you post on here for all our brothers and sisters at UGMuscle. We are lucky to have you :wink:


I always have you in my thoughts…I know the battles you go thru and I feel deep admiration for you


You are the best Pastor i really appreciate it!