A day in the life of a Berserker


Cardio when you’re struggling to already gain would not be a good idea lol. Semper and I prolly disagree on this one. Would just lead to you needing to eat even more.


You are incorrect…what do i know. :wink:


Ding ding… round 1


If you want to hold back your gains listen to @Fitraver. If you want to improve your training performance and increase gains include cardio.


In my opinion your style of lifting with supersets and decreased rest periods and varying intensity etc can be your cardio. But I’m biased and hate regular cardio. I do think it has its place tho for overall health. And yes my old coach did have me doing it when bulking. But still hated it haha


Keep listening to this @Berserker and stay punnie or you can get your ass on the quarterdeck and dig! :wink:


Digging sounds like an awful kind of cardio lol


That’s why we are called ‘The Few’. Embrace the suck and thrive being uncomfortable.


Lmao. Well that was entertaining. Semperfi is absolutely right man. You gotta just embrace the suck and keep moving forward. That’s the name of this whole game. I’m gonna get a speed rope this weekend and open up my workouts with that and I’ll include some stuff on the back end just to keep my heart rate elevated for about 10 minutes or so.


On another note…
Quick update on the DHB I’ve been using. Monday I pinned and there was nothing. But I woke up Tuesday morning with a pretty sore leg. Just sore, nothing too crazy. I thought what the hell did I do differently? I heated the oil that morning because it was kind of cold in my house and I pinned kind of quickly again because it was cold in my house and no one likes to be in a cold ass bathroom standing there in boxers and pinning. So I’m thinking the combination of the thinner oil and the 45 second pin for 3ml was a bit much and some PIP set in. It’s still a little bit sore this morning. First time I’ve had what some might consider PIP with this gear though. It’s not even PIP though. No pain, just a sore muscle. I just wanted to clear that up.


Clear as mud devildog


Lol @John! Too funny! I fkn love dhb! It has my at my very strongest all time currently. Shit is just plain and simple soooo awesome!


Exactly. Just like before the batallion hump.


adding in 400 walking lunges will fix you right up. I usually split them and do half at the beginning and half at the end of my workout. sometimes can be a bit painful, but definitely gets some cardio-like effect going.


Ha ha


Walking lunges with heavy weight will destroy you :muscle:t2: Very good exercise for whole leg!


Absolutely. I’m doing volume vs weight right now though. Could wear a vest I guess… easier than dumb bells. might give it a go tonight… Thanks for the idea.


Anytime my man im always here to help if you need anything


This is a great workout from the sadists at Gym Jones, 400m Lunge/ Push Press w/ DB’s. Lunge 5x/ Press 5x. Dont put the weight down. 1/4 mile of DB Lunges and presses… Pick your own # poison