A day in the life of a Berserker


Plain strawberry. No frosting.


I prefer go go by a per lb approach vs percentage myself. Usually kept my fats at .3-.4g/lb.


Of course man thall def help a lot


Well the hand is still healing up. I went to my gym and thought I’d give it a shot. No go. The pressure from the dumbbell just split my hand back open. I tried to roll my thumb back for a different grip and it’s still too much pressure on the webbing of my hand. I could probably push through it but I’d have to clean blood off everything afterwards lol


Adapt and overcome… Kill those legs!


Tomorrow I’ll kill legs. I got discouraged already from earlier lol. I’ve done some small stuff but nothing log worthy over the last few days. Hopefully by next week I’ll be back to John Meadows kicking my ass again


Injuries suck im dealing with one now. Its amazing that just a cut can really effect your training. I hope that it gets heeled up quickly for you brother and you can get back to killing it


Thanks man. I heal quick but it’s never quick enough lol. I think I have crocadile DNA in me sometimes lol


Were you the runt of the hatchlings?


Maybe. Either that or my mom was just a freak


Bummer bro :frowning: big tree trunks time for awhile


I’m just trying to figure out where to fit all this leg work in. Then maybe figure out how to afford some new pants! I think I’ll work legs tomorrow and Friday and fit in some calves and abs on Saturday. Not a total loss. I did want to grow my thighs to 26" this year lol


Make it happen bro


Took down 3,380 calories so far today. 2nd pin of gh is in and I’m about to let John Meadows kill these legs again. Then I got dinner which brings me over 3,800 calories for the day. I knew it was gonna be a good day.


Well this wasn’t as awesome as I thought it was going to be considered I can’t hold weight for deadlifts still

Lean Bulk Week 5
John Meadows “The Executioner”


Leg Curls
Warm Up: 10x75, 10x85, 10x95

Working Sets: 15x105, 12x115, 10x120
Drop Sets: 8x120, 8x110, 8x100
4 total working sets

Working Sets:
3x10x225 regular stance
3x10x225 closed V stance

Single Leg Step Ups (Barbell across shoulders)
Working Sets: 4x10x165

Leg Extensions
Working Sets: 4x20x140

Calf Raises
Working Sets: 4x30x110


Tibia Dorsiflexions
Working Sets: 4x30 Heavy resistance band around toes.


Finished my night with 3,838 calories. Feels good and bad at the same time lol to up my calories to that again but something had to be done about this weight not moving lol.


I’m there too but still have a 900 cal meal left :joy::joy:


I haven’t eaten this many calories in like 2 months lol. It’s not hard but it is a lot of food to plan for.


No cardio?


Technically, I mean by the definition, no lol. I haven’t forgotten what you said about not getting the most out of your cycles if you’re not doing cardio though. I just need to find the time to fit it in there and figure out what I want to do for cardio. I’ve been thinking about getting a speed rope for a few weeks now. Maybe I should just finally buy the damn thing.