A day in the life of a Berserker


You gunna up it slowly or just go all Kung fu panda on it?


Lmao. I’ve been on 2iu a day for about 4 weeks now so I was thinking I would just add the other 2iu preworkout. You think that would be too fast?


I can’t say as I haven’t used the stuff, but I know most are advised to add .5iu at a time and gauge sides because lots say big bumps lead to big sides and then they have to go back down anyway.


This is my first time running HGH. I haven’t had anything adverse from 2iu so far. I’ll go in the middle of the road and do 2iu in the AM and 1iu preworkout and see how that goes. Thanks bro


For sure bro. Enjoy.


I started this blast with a frontload 1200mg EQ. I’m starting week 3 and I woke up with an insatiable hunger this morning. Looks like that frontload paid off. I’m starting to notice the Tren more day to day as well. I had trouble with tren ace a couple of months back so I decided to give the enanthate a run and the differences in sides, so far anyway, are night and day. The worst so far is the night sweats but I’ll give it about 2 more weeks before I make a final determination on dosage. So far I’m at 240mg but I’d like to take it to 300 as long as the sides stay comfortable. Big leg day today so I’ll update again after my workout.


Good stuff morning bro.


Have you ever written up a workout program for a buddy, then one day he comes up to you and cusses you for making him do it?

That’s the way I feel about John Meadows right now lmao. That was freakin brutal

Lean Bulk Week 3
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 3

And I threw in abs today as well

Leg Curls
Warm Up: 10x75, 10x85, 10x95

Working Sets: 15x95, 12x110, 10x120
Drop Sets: 8x110, 8x100, 8x85
after warmups, pyramid weight up while reducing reps, then do 2 sets of drops. Consider your first drop as a working set. 4 total working sets

Working Sets:
3x10x205 regular stance
3x10x205 closed V stance
this was supposed to be sets on a leg press machine so I improvised. I was concentrated on getting a deep squat with a good stretch today.

Single Leg Step Ups
Working Sets: 4x10 each leg holding 35’s

Occluded Leg Extensions
Working Sets: 4x15x115
Short rest periods on this one. 30 seconds only. Go for form over weight

Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Warm Ups: 10x100, 10x150

Working Sets: 10x165, 10x175, 9x185, 8x200
shoot for 4 working sets of 10. If you fail getting to 10 just move to your next set

Hanging Leg Raises
Working Sets: 4x25xbody weight


Bet those leg extensions burn like crazy.


I feel like I kicked 10,000 soccer balls in a row or at least what I think that would feel like lmao


Got another day in the books. I got off work a little late and my ole lady wasn’t feeling a workout tonight so I had to go at it alone. I was motivated as hell but I went easy on totals because I didnt have a spotter. Hopefully my new rack will take care of that though.

Lean Bulk Week 3
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 3

  • Moderate Volume -


Db flat bench
Sets: 7x8x70, 1x6x70
do sets of 8 until you can’t get 8. Call the last 3 working sets

Incline BB Bench
Warm Ups: 2x6x145

Working Sets: 3x6x165
push these out hard and fast but don’t lock out and stay about 2" off your chest

Flat BB Bench
Warm Ups: 5x175

Working Sets: 5x185, 5x195, 5x205, 5x215

Incline Flys
Working Sets: 10x40 ss 5x20 for 2 sets

Bent Over Rear Delt Raises
Working Sets: 3x20x20
at the end of each set of 20 do mid lifts for as many as you can to failure.

Heavy Partial Lateral Delt Raises
Working Sets: 3x20x60
Go as heavy as you can and swing the weights out at your sides. Pick a weight that’s hard to lift further than 6" from your body using only your delts

Db Seated Overhead Press
Working Sets: 3x8x60


I have bursitis in my shoulder and it’s definitely flaring up with the high(er) volume over the last few weeks. Basically the bursa sack secretes the fluid that lubricates the labrums and the joint and when the bursa becomes inflamed it pushes it’s way into the joint and then when I move my shoulder, the joint actually pinches the bursa sack and causes me enough pain that I’ll just drop whatever is in my hand to save the shoulder. Not good if I’m holding 100lb dumbell! It usually just takes a day or 2 and some antinflamatories before I’m good to go again but if I push it, I could actually tear it, then I’m really screwed because the only way to fix it is surgery. So I’ll be taking a day or 2 off to make sure I’m good again.


A few days off will have minimal impact on overall results… you know that already. :wink:

Take all the time you need brother. Nothing worse then reagravating those nagging injuries.


Sorry to hear about that bro. I agree with @SemperFi as much as it sucks (both having to take off and agree with him ;))


I know it brothers. I’ve been dealing with this for about 6 years now. I also have a small tear, really small, in my small labrum of my opposite shoulder and it doesnt bother me nearly as bad as this bursitis does.


Mmmm homemade rice bowl. 8oz chopped chicken, 1.5 cups of rice, banana peppers, tomatoes and lettuce, herbs and a little homemade Italian dressing. The wife… you gotta love her lol.


Tell her I do from ‘Joey’. :wink:

That looks delicious brother. What time is dinner?


I already smashed that bowl and said fux it and went back for seconds lol. Oh and “Joey” … yeah he came around once and tried to encroach on my ole lady and I blasted his head through his side mirror on his truck hahahaha


I may have done the same thing😏


Just gathering advice here…

A little back story. 2nd time using Tren. First time Ace and I dropped it within 3 weeks running 100mg EOD and it was like PTSD in a bottle. I already got that shit and didnt need a double dose. This time Tren E.

I’m starting to experience a little more anxiety with this Tren E. Not anything like Ace did but it’s still there. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m just wondering how it will be at 5 or 6 weeks when it’s full bore. I’m already at a pretty low dose at 240mg. It has me debating myself now though. Do I just push it out as long as my body and mind let me run it? Do I drop the dose down and just see how it goes? Or do I drop it now and replace it with another compound? It’s still early enough to do any one of those 3. I’m not over and above extending this blast to make any changes either. This is the 2nd time now that Tren is fuckin with my blast. I’m thinking Tren might be one of those cruise/bridge only compunds for me at like 100mg.