A day in the life of a Berserker


You would if it was a frosted blueberry cake donut! Lol


Or a bacon covered maple bar! Yes, @Fitraver maple bar!




Love Boss ladies that dope AF!!!


Thats my favorite donut too


Yes hes the Bastard of all Bastards @SemperFi


Damn, I got super busy this morning and without even realizing it, I skipped breakfast. Almost too late in the day to try to catch up on almost 1500 calories. I hate to do it but I had to grab the super secret stash of weight gainer I keep for “oh shit” moments like this. So a mass gainer shake made with a banana and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter set me straight. I don’t really recommend using weight gainer shakes in general but I must say, they can save your ass if you make the mistake I did. That’s all I got for input today as it’s an off day and I skipped cardio with wife because well, I freakin hate cardio lol.

On another note, the wife cleared me to add to my home gym a bit more so I got a new Rogue incline bench coming, a new rack with the new adjustable swing arms and a new bar coming in. I’m stoked. No more dragging my bench around and reloading and hauling my bar from the bench to the squat rack and back. I’m stoked. I just need to add a calf raise machine and a leg press machine and I’m all set. Maybe tax season?


A big old plate of pancakes at IHOP woulda done it too lol


Man I’m about an hour from the nearest IHOP lmao. The country life has its ups and downs and that’s one of them!


I posted this on my other log as well but what’s the point in being a member on multiple boards if you can’t access all of that knowledge?!

Started this thing blast at 187.9. I was 189.5 this morning. Mid week is was 188.8 and last Sunday I was 190.4. I make sure to weigh myself as close to the same time as possible, after I piss and before I eat or drink. I haven’t changed my diet aside from periodically eating some simple carbs during or post workout. Could it be my new scale?

See I never use to pay that much attention to the scale. I might weigh myself once a month, if that before. I just always went by the mirror and this is exactly why lol.


I gotta get me a scale for at home… everybody’s been telling me to so I can get an accurate number in the morning. I’ve been watching my weight daily at the gym and it feels like I’m playing the freaking lottery because the numbers are always so different it drives me nuts.


Apparently not in my case, lol, but to get the most out of weighing yourself you should do it in the morning, post shit, post piss and before breakfast and water intake. I’ll get down to bottom of this issue with myself soon enough. Although my water intake day to day fluctuates, I’m fresh on this blast and I just got a new scale so those are all variables I need to take into account right now.


Another variable I just thought of is that I already have night sweats thanks to PTSD and night terrors and then add Tren into the mix and I sweat buckets. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the fluctuations as well.


Heck your probably changing your sheets daily and sleeping with towels huh? That tren will get you!


Bro my ole lady is changing the sheets daily. It doesnt upset her but she does get frustrated. Without Tren she has to change them like 4 times a week, on Tren its 7 days a week lmao


Heard that bro, it’s like swimming in your sheets… gets really annoying but you just get used to it and expect it, so you prepare yourself for the night… funny stuff bro I feel where your coming from!:crazy_face::crazy_face::+1:


Dude I woke up Friday morning and my fingers were wrinkly like I had been swimming for an hour and I had a small puddle of sweat between my pecs and solar plexus. I was like holy shit I’m gonna drown!


I don’t even run tren and I sweat bad in my sleep. Bad dreams and such also I sleep with nothing covering me we run the a/c all the time also.
It sucks having to change the sheets all the time. It sucks having to deal with all the extra laundry and just always having to switch them out.
We usually change the sheets daily if not e2d.
My pillow case I change daily for sure.
When im on cycle its really bad.
I feel your pain brother it sucks :rage:


Thanks bro. I feel like some people don’t understand lol. I’ve been dealing with night terrors and night sweats since about 2005 so my wife is used to the every other day routine but she gets kinda pissed when I’m on blast and she has to change them daily. I also run the room temp around 68° all year round and sleep with just the sheet and still always sweating.


So per the advice I received on this awesome board, the wife is all set to see a Naturalist Doctor tomorrow. Thanks @SemperFi for that suggestion.

But why the hell would I be putting that in my log? She’s decided to come off of her GH and she’s been kind enough to give it to me! (I bought it but you know how married life goes lol) so I’ll be taking my HGH from 2iu a day to 4iu a day. This blast just got a little more interesting.