A day in the life of a Berserker


Lol. I like seeing the ladies but trust me when I tell you, my wife is model material bro. I got no complaints here at all. 5’7" 128 and you know she’s in shape because she does the John Meadows program side by side with me lol.


Wife to a jackass, mother of 3, grandmother of 6, a user and an iron diva at 50+.



I wonder who the jackass is


Deleted this update


Well you definitely look good through a shirt lol
Im just bustin your balls great form looking good keep on killing it


You look good devil dog. Looking forward to future updates @Berserker

Nice grape!


She’s definitely stronger than any of us having to deal with you the kids and then grandkids.
Much respect mrs semper fi looking great


I literally have my entire front and back covered in tattoos and a full sleeve, both hands etc on my upper body. The have all been recorded by the military and law enforcement because of my security clearances and some criminal activity in my past so I needed to stay covered up to post pics.


I am in the same situation @Berserker. I am not covered but all but one of my tatts are on file with DOD. Smart move!


Ohh sorry brother I didn’t know that. Even though I was just fucking with you. Your physique looks great even through the shirt so I have no questions about you being built well.
I wish we could see your ink honestly but I completely understand the security issues


I know you were just busting my balls bro. I figured I’d at least explain the shirt though. @Fitraver I think is the only one that has actually seen my tattoos.


True I did see them one time!



Ok gents, I got dry heaves right about the 60 rep mark of those box Squats lol. That was rough but I pushed through to finish strong.

Started the NPP today too. Moving the pinning schedule to ED for the next 8 weeks to finish out. 600 Test, 600, DHB, 400 NPP a week.

Lean Bulk Week 7
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 7

Legs - 26 sets / 336 reps

Lying Leg Curls
Warm Ups: 6x45, 8x65, 10x85, 12x105
Working Sets: 4x12x110

BB Squats
Warm Ups: 8x145, 8x165, 8x185, 8x205
Working Sets: 3x8x215

Box Squats
Warm Ups: 2x20x100
Working Sets: 3x30x150
these were supposed to be leg presses but since I don’t have a leg Press, I opted for box squats instead. This was tough as hell and it took me quite a few short breaks to complete. I almost starting puking here.

Working Sets: 3x10x70
these were done one leg at a time 3x10

Db Stiff Leg Deads
Working Sets: 3x12x75


Keep up the good fight @Berserker. Thats a lot of gear so make the most of it.


1600mg is the top of the mark for me bro. I rarely get up this high but I’m taking a 5 month cruise after this blast so figured I’d bang it out and try to hit just under a solid 200.


Eat more food and get as much benefit from the jollies as possible.


That’s the plan. I’m revamping my meal plan this week to bring myself to 4200 calories.


Up up up. Weights and cals!!


I don’t chime in much if at all, but just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure following along on this log. Keep killing it man.