A day in the life of a Berserker


@PHD why don’t you chime in? I wanna see a 3rd opinion!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m gonna get my wobble on after I smash all this food today. I woke up this morning and I’m up 2.1lbs so I’ve finally got this scale moving the right direction.


Happy turkey day bro.


@Fitraver I got a question for you bro. I know you do stomach vacuum training as well so maybe you can answer this. I can do my vacuums from pretty much any position, standing, laying down whatever but I have more trouble holding the vacuum while standing than laying down. I think it’s because I run out of time for the breath hold. Do I need to hold my breath through entire contractions or can i still breathe while holding the vacuum?


Man I need to get back to doing that more. I was for awhile and kinda stopped. It’s good to do for sure. It’s def easier to do on your knees or even all fours when you are starting learning. Then you’ll eventually be able to do it standing. And yes you can hold it and kinda pulse breaths once you’ve got it down. Kinda hard to explain. I looked up YouTube videos when first learning. Check some of those out. Key it to blow it all out then suck in but without taking a breath and pull that wall up andnin bwhind the ribs. Feels really weird at first but then you’ll get it and be like “oh there it is”. Easiest to do first thing in morning fasted too.


I do diaphragm exercises for better breathing control for grappling and martial arts so I can understand what you mean by the pulsing breaths. I never tried that for vacuums though. I always just tried to do it without air but I can’t do full 60 second holds without taking another breath. The pulse breathing should help me hit the longer holds.


Let me know how it goes. I def never held one for 60 seconds lol


Just a light one to get back in the swing of things. I know I can push a lot more weight but I definitely didn’t want my hand cracking open again while it’s still healing so it is what it is. I made sure to keep nice clean, slow reps to maximize the weight lifted and still managed a nice pump so I can’t complain.

Flat Bench
Warm Up: 3x15x165

Working Sets: 4x12x205

Db Flat Bench
Warm Up: 10x35, 10x45, 10x55

Working Sets: 12x55, 12x65, 12x75

Flat Bench Flies
Working Sets: 4x12x45

Incline Bench
Working Sets: 3x10x180

Decline Db Flies
Working Sets: 3x12x45


It counts bro!!


When I was using my home gym I would only have so much weight available, and as much as I knew I could push more I was restricted by how much I had available so I would always try for form and function with higher reps, it worked tremendously for me! So I enjoy your log, and agree with @Fitraver , cuz it definitely counts!


Its not all about pushing heavy weight you can achieve the same end result with lots of volume with less overall damage on joints and central nervous system


Says Mr 4000 lb deadlift :joy:


Just sayin bro lmao :laughing:




Glad you are able to start pulling your load again @Berserker. Godspeed on a full recovery


I do plenty to pull my load. My ole lady does it most the time though. Oh wait, I mean umm… that’s not what you were talking about huh




Your boy is back! Damn that felt amazing. Strength is still climbing apparently and my muscular endurance hasn’t faded a bit.

Lean Bulk Week 5
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 5

Back - High Volume

24 Sets edited fat fingered this to 15 before lol
204 reps not counting fail sets

Pull Downs
Working Sets: 4x10x180 then 1 set of bw pull ups to failure

Single Arm Db Row
Working sets: 4x8x75 ea side

Supported Chest Rows
Working Sets: 4x10x150 then drop to 100 and go to failure

Rack Deads
Working Sets: 10x135, 5x225, 5x240, 5x265, 5x285, 5x305 then reset and rep last weight to failure.
my hand held up well and I was able to do these without wraps

Db Shrugs
Working Sets: 3x10x75

Band Assisted Pullups
Working Sets: 3xBWxfail
these aren’t part of this workout but damn I felt so good I decided to add them in on the end


There it is!! Nice work.


I’ve done that a time or two! :muscle: