7-28 Last Fight @135lb Lightweight Division


As a few of my UGM brothers I’ve became close with already are aware including @MBTJR1980 and his team @UNITED as well as my team @Iron_Junkie_Labs are aware I locked in a fight at Lightweight (135). My team and I tried to get another fight at Super Lightweight/Light Welterweight but the guy simply didn’t want the smoke to put it kindly. Turns out I get a fight that me and my opponent have both been wanting and waiting for, for quite some time. The guy is a great fighter who I’ve sparred with several times so we kno each other’s styles pretty well. He’s more of a classic boxer type who likes to use his jab alot and has very good timing and does a great job at moving around the ring (running). Unfortunately for him I kno how to cut off the ring and I come forward so he can only use his running tatics so much. But it will be a great fight and I’m looking forward to closing the show figuratively and literally on my Lightweight division career!

Not only that we will be the main event and will be headlining the venue, also a much more financially lucrative fight for me than the one at 140. I reported to camp last Tuesday weighing 143lbs officially and have roughly 3 1/2 weeks to get down to 135 which I’ve already dropped 4 down to 139. Those last 4-5lbs I can drop over night come fight week. As I’ve explained to “IJL” and a few others this fight is going to be paying me well enough that I’m going to be able to take a lay off from the ring and fighting for at least 3 months to strictly concentrate on getting my weight up to at least 150-155, work on strength training and to develop more power and how to maintain my speed and footwork with the added weight, not just that but the guys at 147 and up hit alot harder and can take a lot more punishment than the guys at 135-140. Might not sound like much until you are in the ring with these guys and trust me it’s a tremendous difference. So will be working with bigger sparring partners to develop my ability to take the bigger shots from the bigger fighters. So it’s not at all going to be break from boxing, merly a lay-off from fighting in the ring to come back a bigger, better and more dominate fighter. The Welterweight division has officially been put on notice.

On a side note…I’ve been off cycle a little over 2 weeks now. So once this fight is over on 7-28, I will begin my bulking cycle sometime between mid August or September. Ran NPP last time with good results. This time I’m going with the tried and true, time tested… “Iron Junkie” TEST, DECA, DBOL, PROVIRON, & Some TNE thrown in. I’m possibly thinking of adding some MASTERON E to the mix. What do you guys think about adding that compound as well or should I just leave it as stated above without the Mast E.?

A special thanks to my incredible sponsor “IJL” who never fails to come through for me, have my back, and provide me with the incredible gear to compliment my hard work, dedication, and drive.


Would also like to let you all know that I’m sorry I haven’t been too active on the board lately. After my last fight and with the winnings from that fight and some money saved from my day job I was able to purchase my first home for my family, my beautiful wife and amazing 6 year old son deserved so much. In 6 years it will officially be paid off and it will be owned by us. Thats what makes all the bumps, bruises, broken bones, blood, sweat, and tears all worth it. Thanks again for all of your support UGM! You guys rock and are the absolute best! Much love and respect to all my brother and sisters here :fist_right::fist_left:
:boxing_glove: :muscle:


I can say how happy i am for you bro!! Congrats on the highest level. You are truly inspirational and its fkn awesome to have become close with you, share our life experiences and watch you climb the ranks!
I think you should leave out the masteron its more of a compound for cutting cycles and with the 5 other compounds you will be running for bulking it wont make sense to have it in your cycle and would be overkill. Save it for when you decide to cut again. The tried and true test, deca, d-bol alone at right dosages will do wonders for putting on size as long as you are eating enough to gain especially since you already have a fast metabolism and do the amount of cardio in and out of ring in preparation for your next fight. Plus TNE and proviron on top will be all that youll need. I do recommend at some point adding hgh. The elevated igf-1 levels in your system along with the anabolics work synergistically to add new muscle cells that will mature into muscle mass over time. I never cycle without hgh but remember its not fast results. Its a long term endeavor at very least 20 weeks but if you can afford it the longer your on the better it works!
Best of luck my brotha im truly so fkn happy for you and im here if you need anything! Props to @Iron_Junkie_Labs and @UNITED for the amazing gear for my boy!!!


@MBTJR1980 , it’s been a pleasure getting to know you as well my boy and your wealth of knowledge has been invaluable to me, but more importantly your friendship has been as valuable.

As far as the “5 compounds”, I know Proviron is technically a steroid but I try to use it on cruise as well and for the added benefits it brings to the table adding it to a cycle. But I don’t consider it as another compound as much as I do as just a compliment to the other compounds I’m running and the TNE is strictly a Pre-workout and not something I’m going to be using or pinning daily. The reason I ask about Masteron is bc the last 5 weeks of the my last run, the Mast P I ran at 75-100mg (ed) had me feeling absolutely solid as a rock, my mood was always great, and overall I felt it was a great addition those last few weeks to the Tren A I ran the last 4. So I was just curious if the Mast E might do the same as the Mast P. If you say it’s not a good idea or pointless I’m willing to take your word for it. So technically I feel I’m only running 3 compounds (TEST, DECA) (& DBOL👈4weeks)


i feel the same man its been an absolute pleasure!
I suppose you could add the masteron e in when d-bol is finished or maybe primobolan might be another good compound to add in. Itll put on lean muscle tiissue no estrogen conversion, increases nitrogen retention big time especially stacked with deca. Those would be my 2 suggestions. Im currently only running 2 compounds (test400 and eq300). You can always up the mgs a bit more to make up for the drug you remove in your case the d-bol. So if you do 50mgs a day x 7 days its 350mgs weekly. You could bump up your test 200mgs and deca 150mgs weekly to make up the difference


@Iron_Junkie_Labs Down to 137.6lbs. Feeling strong and extremely sharp in the gym. I have dropped about 7 1/2lbs. So weight is basically made just have to watch my diet the next couple weeks and I can cut back on cardio. Been running 4 miles a day now I will cut that down to 2. With 16 days to go until fight night, I can hold where I’m at now and drop those last 2lbs on Thursday evening and Friday morning before the weigh-in Friday afternoon of the 27th. 11 more days to go until I break training camp but I’m in shape and ready to fight tonight.:boxing_glove:IMG_20180710_092235


Lean, mean, fighting machine… Let’s dance! :sunglasses::+1:


Looking great brother, good luck!


Kick some ass bro!! Lookin lean!


You look awesome champion


I think there is only one option - victory :wink::boxing_glove:


you are a VERY hard and determined worker at your craft. i for one have full confidence in yoyr continued success. you keep raising the bar and you get it and then some every time! u are awesome! keep kickin ass man. looking forward to that transformation to the 150’s…i see u now…u have amazing great structure for an intimidating and solid presence in your next class :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:🖒🖒:clap::clap::clap::clap:


The thing that makes the ring slipppery, is the same thing that makes the grass grow brother,


Not so sure I’d wanna see your grass lol




Ha ha it’s mostly burnt from fireworks, but I like making that reference to @N8GainTrain it’s from the movie full metal jacket I believe!!


Brother I can’t believe that you can cut down to 135lb you’re getting big and have put on some mass. You must be starving and so dehydrated from cutting weight like that. I can imagine alot of running in plastic bags lol
That’s atleast what I used to do to cut weight.


I’m not exactly"fat and happy", I’m definitely not eating as much as I would like to, definitely not starving either. I’m also not the most pleasant guy to be around, if you’ve ever been around somebody or a group of guys cutting weight for fights it’s usually not a good time or much of an enjoyable experience. I’ve built myself a solid base and foundation with one hell of an engine underneath. Do you realize when I started this journey back in just Dec. Week 1 I was 118lbs fighting at 112. All the way up to 145lbs and now back down to 137.6


I’m up at 1:30 everyday. On the road running by 3:00am, at the gym lifting by 3:30 back on the road running at 3:00pm in the boxing gym by 3:30pm. While my opponent is sleeping, I’m working. To be the best you got to work overtime, I always have to out do the person on my left and the person on my right. I never want to have it on my mind that I didn’t give 100%. Whoever they put in front of me, I will beat them…that’s what I’ve been saying and I’m going to keep saying,

“Put them in front of me and watch what I do.”


I remember fighting and cutting weight. I hated cutting weight and I actually fought much bigger guys because of it and got my ass handed to me more than I would have liked in the ring. I still loved boxing it really gave me the training and allowed me to release the anger I had at the time.
Its amazing to me and I have alot of respect for you being able to cut down like that.
How are you feeling about this fight? Same as the last.
You got this fight you’re really commited and you have that hunger that pushes winners forward