5-3-1 for Strength and power


I read an article the other day about this type of workout where you actually lift only 5 reps first set 3 reps second set and 1 rep 3rd set.
I actually spoke with a person that used this and swears it worked great getting his strength up and pushing him through a plateu he was having.

He didn’t want to actually run a cycle to get through his plateu but he needed of course to switch his diet and training to push forward. This is what he choose he said over 90 days his lifts went up drastically was the word he used. Im not exactly sure I would say drastically but he did push through his plateu and accomplished his goals without running gear.
So if you’re looking for something to push past that plateu there are plunty of workouts like this that can get you there without using any compounds just changing your diet and training.

Good luck and good gains brothers