2nd Round Knockout!🥊


Great job in the win! Paramexer is an excellent dude and has perfectly fine gear, im happy for you. Keep kicking ass in 2019!


it’s clear you were going to win that fight whether or not you ended up getting some gear. the guy got knocked down in both rounds, you were the dominant boxer and had a better game plan. you were able to get some test and tren in your body the week of the fight but everyone should know it takes longer than that to turn into superman


It doesn’t turn you into Superman period, just as in any other sport, you still have to put in the work and effort, and still have to dedicate yourself to your craft whatever your craft may be. It definitely doesn’t make a shitty athlete a superior one. Does it give you a competitive edge? In this particular fight absolutely not. Overall, maybe. In my game though I wouldn’t say so.


@John @rnmuscle thank you for the support and recognition.


This is something that alot of people don’t understand is that compounds only make food process better, give you extra protein synthesis, and help with recovery through water retention or nitrogen retention.

It still takes the work day in and day out with the proper diet to have anything happen.
I could take 1000mg of test a 1000mg of decca and dbol at 50mg ed until my kidneys shutdown and if you don’t put in the work and eat right you will just be a water balloon that will eventually deflate you will grow tits and your dick will stop working.

There is alot more to what we do than just injecting oil.

Congrats brother you deserve it for your win and hard work. Most have no idea what trying to fight is like. I say to them its alot fucking harder than just going to the gym and lifting for an hour.


Well said… in today’s e-commerce society / flat world… anyone has convenient access to compounds. I would venture to say 50% of guys at my gyms are on AAS… but due to poor work ethics, nutrition, lack of understanding how to use compounds, and poor genetics… most you would never know. There is no quick fix contrary to many’s belief. Mature dense muscle takes years to develop… AAS simply aide in this process. My opinion has always been genetics, nutrition and work ethic are 90%… AAS are the other 10%.


you’re right, fighting is serious business… especially when @N8GainTrain lived away from his family at training camp throughout december and the holidays to prepare for the fight. I only know one other person who had to stay at a hotel 2 weeks before a comp but that was because their wife couldn’t tolerate their shitty tren attitude


Thanks @Bigmurph I agree 100%
Also most have no idea or clue what goes into just getting ready for a fight, not just physically but mentally as well. Steroids definitely do not help that. The countless hours in the boxing gym, the time away from your family all the early mornings on the road running when I would much rather have my ass in bed. Those a just a few of the things that steroids do not help. I can’t just inject some shit, sleep in and not work on my craft and think I’m just going to get in the ring and beat anyone. It takes true dedication, it takes desire, and it takes a ton of sacrifice. The shit we put our bodies through is unimaginable for most and wouldn’t last a week in training camp much less 8-10.


How right you are! I love the excuses…i don’t wanna look like that, the gym math is awesome too! Everyone is 220 and 12% or less.


I only know because I use to box and not at your level so I can only imagine how much more dedicated it is.


As you’ve mentioned to me before you used to box, and even at a novice level I have to give respect to anyone who is willing to lace up the gloves and give this sport a go. I appreciate you giving respect to the grind and everything that goes into the sweet science. I’ve been taught from an early age and I believe it’s 100% true. A fight is won or lost in the gym and in training camp… before you ever climb through the ropes.