2018 Hunting Pics. Post your Big Game photos


Post your deer, elk, moose, ect. SemperFi has a beast of an Elk. He probably called it in and jumped out of a tree with a knife to take it down.



Not my deer. It was taken adjacent to my brothers property


Fucking huge


Were you talking to my girl lol. He still is in velvet.


Ha ha


Stocked this guy all day long. I didn’t have the heart to drop him because he surrendered. :rofl:


Yukon Brown Bear… Shot by my wife.

@John @GlycogenGuy


I dig the facial markings. Full velvet!


OMG THATS SERIOUS! SemperFi she’s tougher than u!


I can roll with that all day long! Tough wife… happy life.:wink:


I agree brother! I wish my lady was into hunting or fishing. She will do whatever I ask of her but I know she wouldn’t enjoy it so I don’t ask. That’s awesome the way you two do things like that.


Awesome I’ve never even shot a bear


Look what showed up in my driveway… he lost his head over it. :wink:

IMG_0664.MOV (2.2 MB)

IMG_0663.MOV (1.6 MB)

@KodiakGrrl checkout my wife’s bear a few posts up.

@john @GlycogenGuy


Roosevelt Elk 800+lbs. Called him in and shot him with my bow at 12yds.


Ha ha, wrong place wrong time for him


Or it was his time to go, so maybe he was in the right place