2 days like clockwork


The Little Junkie left me a gift…He goes above and beyond. The anatrofin(1cyp) is feeling nice. I really want to have a log going. That’s why I’m trying spread it around so I can rate each srcs on real time quality, service and even so and sos test c VS another. IJL, Paramexer, SBL have been the most accomadating to my being left out on an island…so to speak. Thanks IJL.


Beautiful order bro, lemme know how the mtren treats ya.


Looks like Christmas in July brotha! IJL is ACES!!’ Best turnaround all time :metal:t2:


Hell yeah. Def interested to hear more on what youre thinking of the dhb. What dose you running? Howling you been on?


Such a lovely sight.


Enjoy brother! :facepunch:


Outfuckingstanding I love your art work to