Its not an original statement from me but I due agree with it after the research I have done. I am current cycling DNP at 500mg/day. It is not something I do often and just maybe twice a year for appr. 14days.


Right on. Thanks for the clarification. If you are a user maybe you can answer my original question from your perspective. :wink: I am more looking for personal first hand experience than cut and pasted education. If you know what I mean.


Honestly…because it works no matter what. I haved cycled DNP in the past never going higher than 500mg/day and it seems that with this cycle sides seem more tolerable than before. Lethargy does not seem as bad but I still get the night sweats but it really does not keeping me from sleeping I cannot stand the sides I get from clen, ephedrine, and some of the other thermos like rapid HR, tremors and the like. If not abused and taken responsibly IMO DNP is the best fat burner you can take.


I agree clen sides I think are awful I’ve used dnp several times and had excellent results @400mgs a day. It did make me sweat a lot but not really lethargic and it didn’t affect my sleep either. I think like every thing else you need to educate yourself and start at the lowest possible dosage to see how your body reacts.


@Nsane504 back to my original question… what was the tipping point that made you decide to make the decision to use it and why? Like @TrenGod he used it for the speed of effectiveness and @01dragonslayer used it because it works no matter what. What was your specific why? It might be for the same reasons. Were you looking to compete or prep for something or what?

I am just trying to get in peoples minds. Maybe your were being lazy and didn’t want tot go down the normal or typical enhanced approach anymore, you might have wanted to just perform self experimentation, you may had a beach vacation on the horizon, etc.



I didnt have much negative effects at all. Actually everything positive while i stayed on a cycle. I just fucked up one time running it in summer and never again. Only winter.


Those Hot Summer Nights. You got to love Eddie on the guitar high on coke. :wink:


Same here I ran it in the summer once and I work outside so I had to stay on top of my fluids and sodium or I would cramp bad and get tired a lot faster. Winter was great I was wearing my under armour t shirts in the snow so I got to show off my muscle all year lol and still be comfortable.


The first time I tried it I was coming off back surgery and just wanted to lean back out as fast as possible and I had great results and realized that I lost absolutely no muscle while on it so now when I’m ready to lean out it’s my go to just because I can run a low dose it doesn’t eat at my muscle like clen and t3 and I usually have to run it at like 4 weeks Max instead of 12 then it’s super easy to keep in check with my diet. It may be different for each person but me personally I love it and when used in moderation I think its as safe as other drugs we use for fat loss.


Thanks @Nsane504 for sharing your mindset behind it.


Love the anabolic rebound I get from it as well.


So with a TON of research, I’ve used DNP three times in the past, all within the span of 14 months. The highest dose I ever took (2nd cycle) was 1000 mg, for two days in a row AFTER I was on it for a good amount of time to access my tolerance level. My comfortable dose was roughly 700 mg / day; training at this dose (which was a chore) had to compensate for an extreme lack of energy from the effects of DNP.

My tipping point to take DNP was that I wanted to use something I knew would work (it does), which would be safer than Clen (from a lipid perspective and heart perspective, it is).

But the only side effect I experienced (which I still have to deal with) is a vision-impairing cataract in my right eye and a small cataract in my left eye. Neither of these cataracts were present in either eye last year during an annual vision screen.

Glasses do not correct the vision in my right eye. The only remedy for me will be a replacement lens, which my eye doctor prescribed. Even at 52, I still have 20-20 vision. But it is compromised with the cataract. The cataract “floats” and every so often I have 20-20 vision in my right eye. This tells me that my vision will be restored to normal with a replacement lens.

Related, I heard a story of a mom whose daughter was born with cataract because the mom took DNP early in her pregnancy.

After working with a prep coach last year, I learned how easy it can be to loose weight when being coached by someone who knows what they are doing. If I had worked with a prep coach two years ago, I doubt I would have ever tried DNP.

I hope this helps!

Please ask if you have questions.


@funcouser Thank you very much for your straight forward and honest perspective and experience. I am sorry to hear you developed a cataract. I have read that is a possible side effect.

I completely agree with your experience and feedback concerning professional coaching.


@SemperFi It is the least I can do! I am so thankful for this forum, and I will always try to help.


Love the honest response, we live and we learn brother.


Thanks man! When I was in my 20’s, I heard I’d be “stuck in my ways” by the time I was 50. So I set out to be teachable and coachable.

I’m 52 and definitely still learning from my mistakes! But I’m okay with making them because it means I’m still flexible in my thinking.