1st SRX Labs order experience



1st order went very well with SRX Labs. Products ordered were sust 250, EQ 300 and Masteron Prop.
Packaging was good. Delivery time was good. Communication was excellent and customer service was GREAT.

Thank you SRX


Thank you for sharing, any pics ?:sunglasses:


…curious as if you have pinned the product yet?


I should have a pack landing today or tomorrow of test and anavar and I will be pinning as soon as i get it so I will keep everyone posted. I’m going to try and pull bloods after a month as well


Right on…let know how it goes.


Yes I shot the gear and it was smooth sailing. Felt good. No pip really.



To be more transparent, I received 2 extra EQ and didnt receive the 2 masteron Prop, I emailed the SRX rep about it, and he replied " I will send u 2 masteron in mail tomorrow."



This is what I like to see happy people


Sounds like customer service is on point.


Vert pretty.


Sounds like a great experience…if the gear proves to be as good as t/a and customer service…looks like well have a winner…thanx for the review…so far so good


Good looking product. Enjoy your run.


My experience too! Perfect in every way. MCT carrier oil, smooth as silk. Great prices. Test prop, Tren A, Sust 250 and Proviron. Just placed another order today.