'19 Body Transformation BodyBuilding Competition Contest Q&A


2019 No Excuse Gains Competition Q&A

Please post your question(s) concerning the 2019 No Excuse Gains Competition below and they will be answered in a timely manner. We ask before posting a question that you carefully review the competition announcement and outlined structure here:

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We will be taking questions until October 1 after which time the topic will be closed.

Thank you all in advance for your consideration and participation.




Excited about this


I’m interested to see what comes of it


Why is it called 2019 if it takes place this year and winner is picked mid December?


A: Because the training commitment with Titan Training is 6 months. We wanted to reward the participants early in the competition after they showed a few months of commitment towards achieving their goal(s). This will allow them to receive the ‘specialized’ supplements in time to complete their 6 month training commitment strong and in the process provide them with the best opportunity in achieving their 2019 goal(s).


Just shoot me a message and I will get you started. Excited to get this competition going and see the awesome benefits.


PM sent @PHD
This is gonna be awesome!


Sick competition, excited to see how it turns out!


I got my plan from @PHD today. Gear already to go courtesy of @UNITED. The rest is up to me. I will be running John Meadows Creeping Death 2 routine. Game ON.


I’m On week 6 of that. It’s awesome.


I did one of his hamstring workouts tonight. Yea I can’t walk


Awesome bro, glad you joined. I said it yesterday in another thread we look forward to hearing from you! I wish you luck, and congrats on being the first to be the first entry (from what I can see) @siglo69


Get it brother!!


Thanks brother, I was getting things set up with @PHD before this contest was even put together. It’s just more motivation for me to do well.


Right on… im hoping today is the day I can finally get with @PHD and get the ball rolling, I’m setup to join on the first but trying to get it going early! I use a home gym for everything I do, but feel that im gonna be more successful at achieving any goals with an actual gym. I just hate local gym prices, and the best one i’ve found around town is anytime fitness… (and I usually stear clear of gyms like that)


Hey buddy looking forward to it. I’ve been to anytime and they are actually decent. Good thing is the key fob you can go any time. Lol. But for me personally I could never lift st home I’d get distracted and end up doing things there. Gym time for me is my time to get away. Have a great day. Talk soon


It is difficult working out at home, but my family usually knows that when I’m doing my routine they usually let me do my thing… unless my daughter comes and workout with me then my routine goes towards whatever she wants to work. At 5 she’s pretty good at it🤔


I was confused as well but got it now😃