10 weeks carnage plan


Here are 10 weeks results on carnage plan with Meadows. He wants me doing the gauntlet program next. Right now holding 230 fasted and about 237 y end of day. Only running test enth prop hgh slin and nolvadex. My coach said he wants to push food and hard ass training for my gains. We are running low test levels and I’m happy with results so far. Just goes to prove if you train hard and eat correct you can grow. You don’t need all these other drugs.


Your legs are fucking outrageous. Does the P in @PHD stand for Platz?
Cracking work brother.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I wish bro. Man that dude was insane and intense. Wish I had 1/3 of his legs and insane training mindset


Lol- you’re looking insane brother.


Looking great


Looking solid brother :facepunch:


Thanks guys really trying to push the limits.


230, nice. I’ll get there one day. Haha. Shit I’ll be happy with 200. That’s next coach.


Lol I thought we were leaning up this cycle lol


You are correct . We are. I’m looking ahead.


Real good! :+1: